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Seven Sisters That Are Surreal And Serene in Northeastern

15+ Best Places of Seven Sisters That Are Surreal and Serene

While talking about Indian tourism, people usually don’t give the Northeastern regions in India the prestige they deserve, despite the Northeast being loaded with countless wonders of nature. 

In fact, it’s only in the entire Northeastern region that you will come across range after range of spectacular mountain peaks, valleys, rivers, lakes, and everything in between. 

And although, every inch of this country speaks volumes about its traditions, culture, and glorious history, hardly you will find captivating beauty like that of the Northeast anywhere else in our country.

Seven Sisters of India: 16 Places To Visit in Northeast India 

1. Kaziranga National Park, Assam

Situated in Assam, Kaziranga national park, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site is largely known for having the largest population of one-horned rhinoceros and tigers in the world. Apart from the rhinos, which are its highlighting feature, it is also an amazing travel getaway to explore the bounties of nature in abundance. Yes, from leopards, Asiatic elephants to Royal Bengal Tigers, you will get to witness a very wide range of flora and fauna within the geographical boundaries of this national park.

2. Tawang Monastery,  Arunachal Pradesh

Situated at a massive height of 3,000 meters (approx) above sea level, this stunning monastery is also called the Golden Namgyal Lhatse. Truly, due to its traditional and historic significance, it is no less than a gem of Arunachal Pradesh. Believed to be about 400 years old it is known as the second-largest monastery in the world. 

And with over 17 gompas (usually referred to as a religious building), this particular monastery is home to more than 300 monks. From the monastery, you get to witness the seeping views of Tawang-Chu valley, and while on your visit here, don’t forget to click a nice Instagram-worthy picture by the Lord Buddha’s statue which is 8 meters in height. So, all, in all, if you want to experience the gist of this immense culture, then, a visit to Tawang Monastery is a definite must.

3. Mamit, Mizoram

A popular tourist attraction among foreign nationals, Mamit is worth every ounce of your energy and time. On your trip to this exquisitely vibrant town, you get to enjoy the stunning panoramic views of the local scenery. For any adventure enthusiasts among you, our readers, the Dampa Tiger Reserve is counted as one of the most popular tourist attractions of Mamit, Mizoram, so do add it to your travel itinerary. Apart from the Tiger Reserve, you can also consider exploring the Orange Garden of Mizoram, and one of the longest cave networks located in Pukzing as well. Thus, due to all this & more, it won’t be wrong to count it amongst the best holiday places in India.

4. Nohkalikai Falls, Meghalaya

Needless to say, that there is no par of the mystical beauty which this waterfall oozes out with every passing moment. Considered as the third highest waterfall in the country, the Nohkalikai Falls are situated in East Khasi Hill District of Meghalaya. Due to its mesmerizing beauty, it has become one of the favourite travel destinations of tourists and sees a considerable footfall on an annual basis. 

What’s interesting is the story behind how the name of this place came to be! Yes, it is believed that there was a woman named Ka Likai who had remarried a man. This man was of the opinion that Ka Likai loved his daughter more than him. According to the story, one day, the man killed his own daughter, cooked her flesh, and served it to Ka Likai. However, when she came to know about this atrocity, she ended her life by jumping from the waterfall. Thus, from then on this waterfall was renamed Noh Ka Likai.

5. Shilloi Lake, Nagaland