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Are you looking for a life partner? Well, then you ought to visit Tarnetar Mela in Gujarat where you can find your significant other. The amazing fair is mainly organized to find your partner but that does not mean it has any less entertainment for people who are not into romantic pursuits.

The fair also showcases the folk art of the state and their performances are not just entertaining but so intriguing that they keep you hooked on it until the end.

Dance and music of Tarnetar Mela is one thing that you shouldn’t miss out on, for sure. A whopping number of people attend this beautiful fair every year in Saurashtra, Gujarat.

Each year, Tarnetar Mela attracts over 50,000 people and is now one of the most important fairs of Saurashtra. The main castes that actively participate in this festival are Kolis, Khants, Kathis, Harijans, Rabaris, Kanbis Charans, Bharwads, and Desh-Rabaris.

With its continuously growing reputation, it is now attracting people from all over the country as well.

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History of Tarnetar Mela

As per the legends, Tarnetar Mela is being organised since antiquity. Its origin is linked to the swayamvar of Draupadi.

During the swayamvar, one of the Pandavas, Arjuna performed a fiendishly difficult task of piercing the rotating fish’s eye with his arrow, just by looking at its reflection. Achieving this feat, he won the hand of Draupadi.

Historically, this festival finds its origin some 200-250 years back. The Tarnetar Mela is held near the temple of lord Triniteshwar Mahadev which is located near the banks of a rivulet.

It is believed that the Ganga River used to flow through this point in the past. People now also take a holy dip in the temple tank, which is known to be extremely auspicious.

Major attractions of Tarnetar Fair in Gujarat 2020

1. Fun and Food. There are stalls for food, games, etc. which can keep your children engaged as well. The tourism of the state offers packages for people coming to visit the Tarnetar Fair and provide them accommodation and more.

2. Gujarat’s Heritage. Tarnetar Mela showcases Gujarat’s music, folk-dance, arts, and costumes. It is also about young men and women of the state finding an ideal marriage partner for themselves.

3. Special Dances. The dancers here are like no other. The drum is played all through the day while dancers surge in circular movement following the beat of the drums. A variety of folk dances are also performed. The most famous one is the Raas. Similar to Garba, here dancers hold little sticks and clack against those of nearby dancers. It has been a record that as many as 200 women take part in this dance. Mostly, the tunes of jodia pavas (double flutes) are played.

4. Shopping. The Tarnetar Mela puts on display beautiful local handicrafts which you can’t find anywhere else. Also, you can buy traditional attire with tiny mirror embroidery, ethnic jewellery, and even statues of deities.

5. Fun Activities.  There are a lot of amazing rides here such as merry-go-round, roller-coaster, etc. There are also magic shows and photographers’ stalls. You can also get yourself a tattoo here as many tattoo artists attend the do as well.

How to Reach

The fair is organized in the Surendranagar District and the nearest railway station is Ahmedabad-Hapa line. One can get public transport options from other cities of the nearest town of Chotila. The nearest airport is in Rajkot which is 75 km from there. 

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    21 August 2020 - 23 August 2020

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