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Observed as a national holiday, Independence Day in India is celebrated with undaunting pride and carries a certain sense of glory about it. This day in history marked the independence of our country from the long and cruel British rule. Simultaneously, it also marks the anniversary date of our subcontinent’s partition into India and Pakistan. 

History of India’s Independence Day

The Britishers started ruling our country in 1757 after the English East India Company emerged victorious in the battle of Plassey. The East India Company ruled our country for about 100 years till its dominion was replaced by the British Rule i.e. the Queen. 

However, miffed by the British rule, there were many mutinies which took place time and again. For instance, the mutiny of 1857-58 is a fine example. But the rebellion truly rose with the entry of Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi into the scene, who successfully led the major Indian movements against the Britishers with absolute non-violence and played a vital role in India’s independence. 

Major Attractions of Independence Day

1. The Flag Hoisting Ceremony. The day begins with the Prime Minister hoisting the Indian Flag (Tiranga) at the historical Red Fort which can be witnessed via T.V. and internet throughout the country. 21 gunshots are fired in the sky honouring this significant occasion of our country. During his speech, the Indian Prime Minister highlights the achievements of the previous year along with raising important issues and calls for further mapped-out developments. The Indian National Anthem Jana Gana Mana is also sung.

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2. Marching Ceremony. After the culmination of Prime Minister’s speech, follows the march past of Indian Armed Forces along with the paramilitary forces. There are also parades that showcase many scenes from the independence struggle as well as depicting our diverse culture.

3. Independence Day Celebrations in the Country. Throughout the country, various flag hoisting ceremonies, as well as cultural programmes, are celebrated at different governmental and non-governmental institutions. There are 15th August functions held in schools and colleges. The significant governmental buildings and historical architectures like India Gate are charmed with strings of lights which mainly comprise of the tricolour flag. People can be seen riding on bikes carrying the Indian flags with pride. The locals also use tri-colour clothing, wrist bands and other such little things to depict their love for the country and how they are proud of being Indian.

4. Celebrations Across Indian Boundaries. Indians living outside the country also celebrate this day with great enthusiasm. In some prominent locations around the world like New York, the occasion of August 15 is celebrated as India Day.

5. Kite Flying. How can anyone not fly kites during this historic occasion? It won’t be wrong to say that Independence Day might have become synonymous with Kite flying. On this day, one can see hundreds of colourful kites of different shapes and sizes, flying in the bright and clear sky depicting freedom and prosperity. People also hold kite-flying competitions. And the famous war cry kai-po che is used as people cut their opponents' kites.

How to Reach 

The best celebration of this festival can be seen in the heart of India, New Delhi. The capital city is connected to all parts of the country by rail, air and road. There are several railway stations in the city that serve different cities of India. The international airport of Delhi is connected to all places as well.

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    15 August 2020

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    Red Fort

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