There is no denying the fact that Puducherry holds a magnificent allure to it. Everything from its local traditions to various aspects of its culture is simply worth experiencing.

Fete de Puducherry is celebrated as the independence day of Pondicherry. Observed with great enthusiasm and grandeur, this event introduces you to the local culture of Puducherry like no other event. 

This day sees various cultural performances, depicting Pondicherry’s rich culture. Apart from these performances, one also gets to participate in exhibitions and competitions held during the event. It is truly an occasion not to be missed. Fete de Puducherry 2020 will be celebrated on August 16.

History of Fete De Pondicherry

Following many discussions, India and France issued a joint statement on October 13, 1954, regarding the impending status of French settlements in India. Following this, on October 18, 1954, the elected members of the Representative Assembly participated in the referendum at Kizhur. The 178 voting members unanimously showed their interest in favour of India and French territories merger. 

Three days after this vote, an agreement was established regarding the transfer of French territories to India at the Indian capital, New Delhi. Soon, a treaty of cession was mutually signed between the two nations. The same was ratified by the French Parliament in May of 1962.

Even after Indian Independence in 1947, Puducherry still was a French colony. It was, actually, only fifteen years later in history i.e. on August 16, 1962, that this unique city got its independence from the French rule and was formally merged with the Indian Union.

But still, there was a section of freedom fighters who wanted November 1 to be celebrated as the independence day of Puducherry rather than August 16. 

Due to this conflict of thinking and to ensure harmony among people, the local authorities decided to celebrate November 1 as Liberation day and August 16 as the independence day of Puducherry.

Major Attractions of Fete De Pondicherry

1. Scrumptious Food. On this occasion, you get to relish your senses in a variety of tasteful Vietnamese and French cuisine. The dishes are prepared by celebrated chefs and can surely make you drool. However, the highlight of Fete De Pondicherry is the Pondy Stall that offers the most delicious food options to the people, on display.

2. Cultural Performances. It won’t be wrong to say that there is a festive atmosphere all around with the onset of Fete De Pondicherry. And the variety of dance and cultural performances to be seen here only heightens the fun quotient of this event.

How to Reach

Puducherry is situated on the east coast of Tamil Nadu and is a very fine melange of Portuguese and French cultures. People visit this travel getaway of India mainly for exploring its urban beauty. Puducherry is situated at a distance of about 2,370, 1,834, 1,302, 312 km from Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Bengaluru respectively. Here is how you can travel to Puducherry.

By Air. Deboard at Puducherry airport. It has overall good flight connectivity with other Indian cities. Once you have deboarded the plane, take a cab from outside to travel to your respective destination.

By Train. The railway station at Puducherry happens to be one of the oldest junctions in India. It is fairly well-connected with other nearby cities. After deboarding at the station, you will need to take a cab or some other means of public transportation to reach your place.

By Road. Depending upon your location, you can also travel to Puducherry via motorable road networks. For travelling, you can book interstate or private buses. Or else, you can book a cab or self-drive.

You can plan your trip and create your own route to the city with Adotrip’s technically driven circuit planner. Click here

PLEASE NOTE : Dates can vary due to cancellation or last-minute changes.

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