Also known as the Tech City or the Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru aka Bangalore is a nice blend of modern-day city life and compelling rich Indian history. Bengaluru has been the kind of city which has seen everything from British Raj to large scale immigration in the past. 

And just like any other big metropolis, Bengaluru too has seen its fair share of IT growth and has been successful in redefining its face value as one of the most progressive cities, in the contemporary world. Apart from the regular hustle and chaos of the city life, Bengaluru also has peaceful neighbourhoods, especially situated in its older parts like J.P. Nagar or Jayanagar.

Best Time to Visit Bengaluru

You can consider travelling to Bengaluru mainly owing to its beautiful weather, lakes, parks and last but not least, its unflinching and vibrant city life. So, if planning a trip, then the best time to visit Bengaluru would be from the months of October to February. The temperature during these months fluctuates between 15-30 degree celsius. Monsoon is also a good time to visit Bengaluru.

History of Bengaluru

Since 1830, Bengaluru has been the functioning capital of Karnataka. It is said that early on, the nucleus of the city was a mere settlement built around a mud fort. This settlement was built in 1537 by a local chieftain whose name was Kempe Gowda. However, later on in history, in 1761 to be precise, the same fort was rebuilt out of stone. 

From 1831 to 1881, Bengaluru was the primary headquarters of British Raj. From the political point of view, Bengaluru was quite an important place, so much so that until the Indian Independence, the British Administration was very much active here. But soon after the country’s independence, it was made the state capital of Mysore which was renamed as Karnataka in 1973.

Major Attractions in and Around Bengaluru

1. Bangalore Palace

This building is truly an epitome of architectural beauty and is a reminder of the old regal ways of the Maharajas. It won’t be wrong to call it one of the central tourist attractions in the city. Built in 1879, the charm of this property has not lessened in any way through the lanes of time. 

2. Cubbon Park

One of the best things to do in Bengaluru would be a brief visit to Cubbon Park. It covers an area of (approx) 300 acres and has been planted with over 6,000 trees. Due to its natural beauty, the park is a perfect travel getaway for nature lovers.

3. Lal Bagh

Lal Bagh is considered as an amazing travel opportunity for those who wish to view the botanical artworks, and along with that observe the scientific study of a place to conserve the greenery. Here, one gets the opportunity to view the rare species of the plants of French, Persian and Afghani origin. And if you get bored of studying the plants and knowing about them, then, you can always channelize your inner photographer and click some great snaps. The entry ticket price is a minimum of INR 10 for adults. For children below 12, the entry is free.

4. Bannerghatta National Park

If you are a wildlife lover, then, you cannot hope to miss out on Bannerghatta National Park situated 22km from Bangalore. It was established in 1971 and has a number of other confines like aquarium, zoo, children’s park. It is a great opportunity for you to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

5. Wonder La Water Park

Situated on Mysore Road, this park is considered as one of the most fun amusement parks. Here the children can enjoy a lot of activities ranging from water rides, land rides, high thrill rides and so much more. Overall, it is a great travel experience in itself. Thus, if you plan a trip to Bengaluru, don’t miss out on visiting Wonder La Water Park.

How to Reach Bengaluru

Bengaluru is a fun destination which is full of some really great travel prospects. It is located at an approximate distance of 1,970, 571,  2,153, and 665 km from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Hyderabad respectively. Here is how you can reach here by the following means of transportation.

By Air

The nearest airport is Kempegowda International Airport. The airport is well-routed with renowned airline services which provide regular flights ‘from and to’ major cities of India and overseas. After you deboard at the airport, you will need to cover the remaining distance by some means of public transportation like a cab or a bus. 

Here is a list of Indian cities from where flights are available to Bengaluru

By Rail

Bengaluru Railway Station is the nearest railway station that serves the city connecting it with other Indian cities. There are regular and direct trains ‘to and fro’ Bengaluru ensuring the convenience of passengers. The well-established station is also well-equipped with local modes of commuting to take passengers to their destinations anywhere in Bengaluru. 

By Road

Bengaluru city is one of the prominent cities in India. It is also called a Tech City of India. It has got great connectivity via motorable road. It is well-linked to major National Highways of India. Apart from that, commuting within the city is also quite safe and hassle-free experience. To travel to Bengaluru from nearby cities, one can take a bus, cab or if suitable one’s own vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bengaluru

Q: What are the popular places to visit in Bengaluru?
A: Some of the popular places to visit in Bengaluru include: 

  • Lalbagh Botanical Garden 
  • Cubbon Park,
  • ISKCON Temple 
  • Tipu Sultan's Summer Palace 
  • Bangalore Palace
  • Vidhana Soudha
  • Ulsoor Lake
  • Bull Temple
  • Nandi Hills

Q: What are some things to do in Bengaluru?
A: Some things to do in Bengaluru include: visiting the local markets and shops, trying local street food, visiting historical and cultural sites, exploring the city's gardens and parks, visiting temples and other religious places, taking a day trip to nearby hill stations, and going on a food and drink tour to sample the local cuisine.

Q: Are there any special festivals or events in Bengaluru?
A: Yes, Bengaluru Karaga is one of the major events that takes place in Bengaluru, which showcases the rich culture and heritage of the city.

Q: What is the best time to visit Bengaluru?
A: The best time to visit Bengaluru is between October and February, as the weather is pleasant and suitable for sightseeing and outdoor activities.

You can plan your trip and create your own route to the city with Adotrip’s technically driven circuit planner. Click here


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