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Bengaluru was known as Bangalore is the official capital of the state of Karnataka. Bengaluru is also known as the Tech City of India. it is also referred to as the Silicon Valley of India. while it is rich in history, it also ensures tourists get awestruck on the scenic beauties like Bannerghatta Biological Park. Bangalore is the largest city in the state of Karnataka that is a reason it has many transport options for the people coming from within the state or outside. The main international airport is around 40 km. from the city centre. The name of the airport is Kempegowda International Airport. There are also four major railway stations in the city which connect to all major cities of India. Buses and other public transport options run in the city for ease of travelling from one place to another. 

History of Bengaluru

Founder of Bengaluru

The existence of Bengaluru can be traced in 890. Earlier, Bengaluru or Bangalore was known as Bendakaluru and Kempa Gowda I was the founder of the Bangaluru who also built a mud fort in 1537. Nadaprabhu Hiriya Kempe Gowda aka Kempe Gowda I was one of the great rulers of Vijayanagar Empire. During his reign, he managed to form a developed region. Lal Bagh Botanical Garden, Kempambudhi Tank, Ulsoor Lake and Mekhri Circle which are major attractions of Bangalore today, hail from the time of Kempa only. 

Maratha Rule 

Bengaluru was won by Chief of Maratha, Shahaji Bhonsle. It was the time when Bhonsle was working for Sultan Adil Shah of Bijapur during 1638. 

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Mughal Rule

It was the time of 15 century when the different Mughal rulers were taking over the whole of India. After winning over the Bijapur region, Khasim Khan headed towards Bangalore and owned the same. Then, Khasim Khan sold the Bangalore to Wodeyar King Krishnaraja Wadiyar in 1689. Again, it was captured by Hyder Ali who also declared himself as Regent of the Kingdom.

Places to visit in Bengaluru

Bangalore Place. The royal Bangalore place offers the essence of great architecture and it is considered as a main attraction point of the city. Realize the beauty and admire the Tudor and Scottish Gothic architecture.

Cubbon Park. One of the incredible destinations of the city is Cubbon park covers an area of 300 acres. There are more than 6000 trees, a perfect destination to the nature lovers alongside, you can view Cubbon Park Museum and Seshadri Iyer Memorial Park. 

Lal Bagh. Lal Bagh is considered as the best place for those who wish to view the botanical artwork, the scientific study of place to conserve the greenery. View the rare species of the plants like French, Persian and Afghani origin, perfect for the photo session. 

Bannerghatta National Park. You will get the opportunity to know amazing species of the creatures, alongside view the ten reserve forests, a zoo, a snake park, a museum, a children’s park. A perfect destination for nature lovers and a wide variety of animals like elephants, Lion, Royal Bengal Tiger and so forth.

Wonder La Water Park. A wonderful amusement park sited at the border of Bangalore and Mysore. It is also famous for the assortment of “High Thrill Rides.” You will love to have a fun moment with your family and friends.

Things to do in Bengaluru

Camping in Ramanagar. Ramnagar is one of the prominent destinations to enjoy adventurous camping. You will love to get some fresh breathe while sitting on the famous Sholay Hills. 

Guhantara-The underwater Resort. If you want to do something different, exploring Guhantara-The Underwater Resort, is your kickstart destination. The resort has a great ambience and adventurous vibe to live in. 

Mycroflying.  Bengaluru is one of the best hosts that serves with a wide range of exciting activities to keep you thrilled and entertained. Micro flying is one of them. You will love to enjoy the activity with your friends and loved ones. 

Events & Festivals in & around Bengaluru

Kambala Festival. The Kambala Festival is one of the important festivals of Karnataka. it is famous for adventurous Buffalo Race.  It was started by Hoysala King when he got impressed by seeing the racing ability of Buffaloes. Read More

Pattadakal Dance Festival. It is a popular dance festival organized by the Government of Karnataka in the town of Pattadakal and its ancient temples. Local people of Bengaluru can be seen participating and showing their talents in traditional South Indian dance forms. Read More

Hampi Festival. Hampi is a well-known city and once used to be quite prospering, however, the city has lost its charm now and only regains it at the time of Hampi festival. Read More

Best time to visit Bengaluru

Bengaluru offers the moderate climate where the temperature remains between 27-35 degree Celsius in summers, and in winters it goes down to 10 degree Celsius.

How to Reach Bengaluru

By Air. The nearest airport is Kempegowda International Airport which is situated in Devanahalli in Bengaluru. The airport is well-served with renowned airline services providing regular flights from and to major cities of India and overseas. One can find a well-managed airport having restaurants, hotels and stays around it. 

By Road. Bengaluru city is one of the prominent cities in India. It is also called a Tech City or Silicon Valley of India. It has got great connectivity via road. It is well-linked to major National Highways of India. Apart from that, commuting within Bengaluru city is quite easier and safer. 

Rail. Bengaluru Railway Station is the nearest railway station that serves the city as well as major cities of India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata. There are regular and direct trains from prominent cities as well as express trains are quite frequent to ensure the convenience of passengers. The well-established station is also well-equipped with local modes of commuting to take passengers to their destinations anywhere in Bengaluru. 

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