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Do you wish to visit an offbeat travel getaway in Karnataka? If yes, then, Coorg is a great option for you to travel as this place is still somewhat unexplored. Due to its untouched beauty, it is also known as the Scotland of India

Apart from its Scotlandish beauty, what’s really interesting about this destination is that it is quite an excellent place for discovering and falling in love with coffee. Yes, the aroma of coffee beans with overflowing waterfalls steaming over is just a delight to experience. Also known as Kodagu, Coorg is popular for its large cultivation of coffee and rice. 

Nestled amid the western ghats of Karnataka, Coorg is all about discovering the leisure of travelling, the happiness of devouring scrumptious cuisines, the wildness of camping, spotting new species of birds and witnessing the Tibetan Monasteries. Furthermore, many ethnic groups reside in the district. Kodava is the main language spoken here apart from some other local regional languages.

It is also a great place for those who are the adventurous sorts. Yes, there are many things you can do here such as go on a trek while imbibing the pleasant views of the trails and plantations around. Not just that one can also witness scenic waterfalls, wide lush green fields, statutes of elephants and so much more during their visit here.

Also Read: This city is documented as the first district made after the independence of India in the year 1947

If you are planning to travel to Coorg then the best months to do so would be from October to May. This is the best time to visit Coorg as during this time period the Coorg temperatures and climatic conditions are best suitable for tourists to visit and explore this phenomenal place.

History of Coorg Karnataka

The Kodavas were the earliest inhabitants and agriculturists in Coorg, having lived there for centuries. Being a warrior community as well, they carried arms during times of war and had their own chieftains. The Haleri dynasty, an offshoot of the Keladi Nayakas, ruled Coorg between 1600 and 1834. 

Later, the British ruled Coorg from 1834, after the Coorg War, until India's independence in 1947. In 1956, Coorg was merged with the Mysore State (now Karnataka).  

Major Attractions in and Around Coorg India

1. Abbey Falls.  This is probably the best thing about Coorg tourism. Seeing the cascading waters falling down from a height of about 70 feet is a totally blissful experience. There is also an over-bridge located nearby and is just the kind of spot for photographers to click some really good shots of scenery. 

2. Talacauvery. Situated at the Brahmagiri hills, this destination is located at a height of around 1,276 m above the sea level. There is also a temple located nearby dedicated to the Goddess Kaveriamma. Bathing on various occasions is considered a holy activity. 

3. Nagarhole National Park. Considered as a part of the Nilgiri biosphere, this place is loaded with a blend of valleys, hills, streams, forests. Moreover, there are several swamps located in this region and are home to many natural diverse landscape forms. 

4. Chikli Hole. This is one of those Coorg destinations which is absolutely refreshing to the soul. If you love to spend your day walking around with someone special, then this place should definitely be on your travel bucket list.

5. Elephants. This is something quite weird but it is amazing once you bathe them. Bathing elephants will be an ever-lasting memory which you will cherish in the years to come.

6. Madikeri. This is one of the best places to visit in Coorg, hands down. It has been rightly said that travelling and journeys indeed turn you into a storyteller and visiting Madikeri might just do that to you. 

How to Reach Coorg

Coorg is a hill town known for its incredible natural beauty. It is located at a distance of 2,418 km, 267 km, 2,161 km, 1,024 km from Delhi, Bengaluru, Kolkata and Mumbai respectively. Here is how you can reach here via the following routes. 

By Air. The nearest airport from Coorg is the Mangalore International Airport (IXE), situated at an approximate distance of 140 km from Coorg. This airport serves the city of Mangalore and it is one of the two international airports in Karnataka. It is located on the north-eastern side of the city centre. Various airlines operate to and from this place with good connectivity. 

By Train. The nearest train station from Coorg is the Sakleshpur railway station. After you deboard at the station, you will need to travel 150-160 km to reach Coorg. For commuting, you can hire a cab or take a bus to reach your destination. The starting fares of the bus from Mangalore to Coorg are Rs. 400. Depending upon your suitability you can choose luxury, sleeper or regular buses.

By Road. Depending upon your location, you can also consider travelling via road to Coorg. You can also consider travelling from interstate buses. From Mysore, the bus ticket prices start from Rs. 500; from Mangalore, it is Rs. 400; and from Coimbatore, Rs. 400. 

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