Kohima, the capital of Nagaland is a beautiful city scattered with forested ridges and magnificent hilltops. Apart from nature’s beauty, here, you’ll get to explore the best of accommodations nestled in the lap of nature for a memorable stay.

Kohima offers you to explore the scenic beauty of lilies, white and pink rhododendrons in the spring season. And if you may want to indulge in more fun then, various tourist spots are there in the city, where you can hope to have a really good time. 

For instance, you can visit the Catholic Cathedral in Aradurah Hill and the World War II Memorial which is dedicated to the brave Naga soldiers and the War Cemetery designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens. 

If you are fond of shopping then a supermarket is also there to buy shawls and jewelry. State Museum portrays the traditional culture of Kohima’s life.

Best Time to Visit Kohima

If this has left you craving for more and you have an urge to visit Kohima soon, then you should know that the month of October to May is the best time to visit Kohima. During this time, the overall temperature is quite pleasant and is just right for traveling.

History of Kohima

Kohima takes its name from Kewhira which is the name of the local village sited in close proximity to the city of Kohima. Going back to history, we will find that while Nagaland was given the title of a full-fledged state in 1963, Kohima was declared its capital city. 

Since then, Kohima has been carved into three major districts; the first was in 1973 when Phek District was formed, then in 1998 Dimapur was created and was declared as a completely separate geographical entity. After this, in 2004, the Peren District was formed.

Best Places To Visit In Kohima

1. Kohima Museum

There is no doubt about the fact that Nagaland is an amalgamation of various tribes and that is what exactly the Kohima Museum portrays. It rightfully depicts the culture and the traditions of the tribes present in the state. This museum holds some of the most unique artifacts which are related to the different tribes of the region. So, if you want to relish in the history of Kohima then, this is the place you mustn’t miss at any cost.

2. Kohima Zoo

The Kohima Zoo has a great variety of fauna and flora. Moreover, it also has the rare state bird Tragopan along with the wild buffalo. This zoo has been created quite beautifully and offers picturesque vistas of some of the most amazing landscapes.

3. Mokokchung

Mokokchung is an adorable town where you will be finding the Ao Naga tribe. It is located at a distance of around 150 km from Kohima. Interestingly, Mokokchung is also known as the capital of the nagas. Mokokchung is one of the famous tourist places to visit in Nagaland.

4. Khonoma Village

If you really want to experience the raw beauty of village life then, don’t miss out on visiting Khonoma village. It is situated at an approximate distance of 20 km from Kohima and is believed to be about 700 years old. Here you will get the opportunity to explore the rugged hilltops, terraced cultivation, and a variety of flora and fauna.

How to Reach Kohima

Kohima is an interesting city that is located at an approximate distance of 2,256, 3,083, 1,357, and 3,327 km from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru respectively. Here is how you can easily reach Kohima via the following public transport options.

By Air

Kohima doesn’t have an airport. The nearest airport is situated in Dimapur Airport (DMU) of the same name and it is located at (approx) 74 km from Kohima. Being a major airport in the Northeast, it is quite well connected to other Indian cities. Once you deboard your flight, you will need to cover the remaining distance by some means of public transportation.

Here is a list of Indian cities from where flights are available to Kohima

By Train

Kohima doesn’t have a railway station. The nearest railway station is situated in Dimapur which is located at a distance of around 70-74 km. It has fairly good connectivity with other Indian cities. After getting off at the station, you will need to cover the remaining distance by some means of public transportation.

By Road

Kohima has good connectivity via motorable roads. So, if you are planning to visit this place then, traveling through roads can also prove to be a convenient option. For this, you can book a bus online, hire a cab if residing in nearby regions, or if suitable as per your budget, you can take your own vehicle as well.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kohima

Q. What are the top tourist attractions in Kohima?
A. Kohima has several tourist attractions including Kohima War Cemetery, Kohima Museum, State Museum, Kohima Zoo, and Kohima Village.

Q. Where is Kohima located?
A. Kohima is the capital city of the Indian state of Nagaland.

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