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Being a significant festival of Sangam Tribe, this one is celebrated with a lot of pomp and fervor. It is basically a celebration before harvest which is an important time of the year. It is an enthusiastic festival which is carried for 6 days straight and each day has a story to tell. People of the tribe worship their deities and then place three cuisine stones each with a meaning close to a fireplace in order to seek blessings. It happens in the month of September mainly in the first week.

Major attractions of Amongmong Festival

The days are marked by different activities which take place on their set days.

Beginning from the buying of animals and sacrificing them to worshipping deities and continuing harvesting, this festival is really fun to be a part of. It teaches a lot about their culture and beliefs.

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How to reach Amongmong Festival?

Dimapur is the nearest railway station to the city of Kohima which is about 74 kms from there. There are regular trains from Dimapur to Guwahati and Kolkata which makes it easy for people to connect to the city from any other part of the country. People can easily hire taxis rom Dimapur directly to Kohima to witness the aura of the festival. 

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  • 9 Days

  • Tribal

  • Nagaland
  • Festival Date

    01 September 2019 - 09 September 2019

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