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Longwa is the largest village of Mon district in Nagaland. The charm of this village lies in its beauty and its unusual geography that leads to many stories. Longwa village lies in two countries: India and Myanmar, as the Indo-Myanmar border passes through it, making one half of it a part of Myanmar and the other of India. Come with us on a virtual tour of Longwa village to find out how the residents lead their life while living in two countries simultaneously! 

The best time to visit Longwa is in the winter season between October and March. During this time, the weather is pleasant for sightseeing and to explore the village along with other nearby attractions.  

History of Longwa Village

Longwa village is home to the Konyak tribe. Practices like face tattooing, wearing accessories, headgears, and headhunting were common among the people of this tribe. Konyak people wear a necklace made of brass skulls, and according to a popular belief, it enhances fertility.   

The residents of the village possess dual citizenship and they can cross the border easily without a visa. Some families in the village have their houses with their kitchen in Myanmar and the bedroom in India! And what’s even more intriguing is the fact that the boundary also divides the house of the chief of these villages, who is believed to have 60 wives! The chief of these villages is known as ‘Angh’ and rules over 70 villages, which are in Arunachal Pradesh and Myanmar. 

Major Attractions in and Around Longwa

Longwa is a beautiful village with fascinating views of the green hills along with many other captivating sites. Doyang River, Hong Kong market, and Nagaland Science Center are some of the must-visit places in Longwa village, Nagaland. Another interesting but nerve-wracking fact about the place is that the practice of headhunting was prominently performed here by the Konyak tribe until the 1960s when it was banned by the authorities.  

Places to Visit Near Longwa 

1. Veda Peak

You can enjoy the surreal view of the Chindwin River and Bhramputra from Veda Peak, which is the highest peak in the Mon district. The peak is surrounded by many other snow-capped and lush green hills that make the entire ambiance heavenly. 

2. Shangnyu Village

The village is home to the Angh’s house, which according to the locals is 500 years old. You can also witness many dilapidated carved structures along with many memorial stones in Shangnyu village. 

3. Chenloisho Village

You will find all the ancient artifacts, accessories, household items, ornaments along with human skulls preserved and displayed in Chenloisho village. A village called Waloo situated close to the Indo-Myanmar border is where you will find all these things and a lot more about the people and culture of the Konyak tribe. 

How to Reach Longwa in Nagaland

From Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru, Longwa is nearly 2300km via NH 27, 3200km via NH 27, 1400km via NH 27, and 3400km via NH 44, respectively. You can arrive here via roadways, railways, and airways depending upon your travel budget, and convenience.   

By Air. Jorhat airport in Assam, which is 191km away from Longwa is the nearest. From the airport, you may hire a taxi or get on a local tourist bus to reach Longwa village. Flights by all major domestic airlines arrive here, making this accessible from all parts of the country. Listed below are some non-stop and connecting flights to consider along with the airfare estimate.  

  • From Delhi. Board connecting IndiGo flight from Delhi. The airfare starts from INR 6,000
  • From Mumbai. Board connecting IndiGo flight from Mumbai. The airfare starts from INR 8,000
  • From Kolkata. Board nonstop IndiGo flight from Kolkata. The airfare starts from INR 3,500
  • From Bengaluru. Board connecting flight from Bengaluru. The airfare starts from INR 7,000

By Road. On arriving by road, you may either drive in your car to Longwa or may consider traveling by government-run or private tourist buses. Regular buses from Dimapur, Kohima, Sonari, and Simulguri run to Mon District. A road trip will also be the opportunity for you to witness the beautiful landscapes en route to Longwa. Mentioned below is a compilation of distance estimates and the fastest route to consider if arriving from nearby cities.  

  • From Guwahati. 498km via NH715
  • From Imphal. 501km via NH2
  • From Dibrugarh. 160km via NH 702 
  • From Shillong. 557km via NH 715
  • From Simaluguri. 95km via NH 702 

By Rail. Bhojo railway station, which is 88km away from Longwa is the nearest railhead to reach Longwa village. Super-fast and express trains from across the country arrive here, making the village economically accessible for all. Listed below are some of the trains that you may consider if planning a train journey to Longwa.   

  • From Delhi. Board AVADH Assam SPL from Delhi and deboard at Bhojo station 
  • From Guwahati. Board GHY LEDO SPL from Guwahati and deboard at Bhojo station
  • From Kolkata. Board Kamrup Express from Howrah Junction and deboard at Bhojo station
  • From Dibrugarh. Board Dbrg KYQ SPL from Dibrugarh and deboard at Bhojo station

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