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Dibrugarh is one of the most important trading centres of tea in India and is also very closely connected to the main river, Brahmaputra. The soothing views and the fun activities make this place a must-visit and a top tourist destination in the state of Assam. One can go for trekking, mountaineering, camping and indulge in many adventure activities. Dibrugarh is popularly known as ‘Tea City of India’. 

Moving to the best time to visit Dibrugarh. During winters, from October to March, one can visit Dibrugarh, as the weather is most pleasant during these months. However, any time of the year is good to visit this city in Assam because in general, the state witnesses a soothing climate to explore and wander at any given point in the year.   

History of Dibrugarh 

Dibrugarh shares a lot of its history with the Ahom Kingdom as it was very prominent in the northeast of India and Dibrugarh was also ruled by the Ahom rulers. Locals and sources about the city claim that the city derived its name from ‘Dibrumukha’ which was a temporary camp for Ahom kings. Some local tales claim that the city was named after a fort built by Britishers along a river called Dibaru, a tributary of the Brahmaputra river. ‘Dibaru’ came from the word ‘Dimasa’ which means water, while ‘grah’ means fort, which together was called Dibrugarh.   

After the arrival of Britishers in Assam, the city witnessed many major administrative and commercial activities. Dibrugarh also served as the headquarters of Lakhimpur during World War 2. The city is divided by a tributary of the Brahmaputra river which is known as Buridihing. Apart from tea, oil and timber are the other two industries that are found here in Dibrugarh. 

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Major Attractions in and Around Dibrugarh

1. Dinjoy Satra. It is an incredibly fascinating destination located closely at a distance in the North of Chabua township. The township was founded by Anirudhha Dev at Bisnubalikakunshi village. The village is sited towards the North Lakhimpur and it was shifted to Khutiaputa later. After some time, Satra was renamed as Dinjoy Satra when it was transported to Dinjan at Chabua.

2. Dehing Namti Satra. Sited on the bank of the river Sasoni Mouza which is 8 miles away from Naharkatiya town, the main branch of Satra is situated at Namti in Nazira. Initially, the location was situated between Sariyahtoli and Hologuri roads in Dibrugarh District and this spot was founded by Binandashyam Gohain who had a devotee named Lachit Borphukan.

3. Raidongia Doll. Nestled with various monuments, Dibrugarh has turned into an enticing destination. Located in Larua Mouza in Kalakhowa region close to the Dhingia Barbarua Road, Raidongia Doll has a height of 45 ft. and is an entranced structure.

4. Bahikhowa Maidam. Bahikhowa Dasarath Dowerah Borphukan used to be the chief of the Army Staff of Ahoms or the Borphukan during the rule of Rajeswar Singha. This Maidam is actually devoted to him and is situated in the Khowang Tea Estate, however, it is presently nothing but ruins. Alongside this, one can find three more Maidams situated close to the Bahikhowa Maidam.

5. Rafting. If you love to indulge in water sports then visiting Dibrugarh will not leave you disappointed at all. The part of Brahmaputra River that flows through Dibrugarh is a hub of water sports.  

How to Reach Dibrugarh

Dibrugarh is a beautiful city that has numerous fascinating sites to amaze you. Every year the city welcomes tourists from across the country to its exotic locations and tea gardens. You can arrive here via roadways, railways or airways. Dibrugarh is approximately 2,300, 3,100, 1,400 and 3,300 km away from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru respectively. Listed below are some best travel options to reach Dibrugarh.  

By Road. Going to Dibrugarh by road can be a memorable journey as a lot of villages, lush green farms, and mountains will welcome you. You can arrive here via inter-state tourist buses or may drive to the city in your personal vehicle. Following is the estimate of distance in kilometres and the best route to take in order to reach Dibrugarh.  

  1. Tezpur - 300 km via NH 715 and NH 2 
  2. Jorhat - 140 km via AT Road 
  3. Dimapur - 260 km via NH AT Road 
  4. Majuli - 165 km via NH 15 
  5. Kohima - 335 km via NH AT Road 
  6. Guwahati - 440 km via NH 27 

By Rail. Dibrugarh town station is the nearest railway station to this city in Assam. The station is well connected to major metropolitan cities of India such as Delhi, Kolkata, etc. Seats in the following direct trains can be reserved if you are planning a train journey to Dibrugarh.

  1. Delhi - Avadh Assam Express, Brahmaputra Mail, DBRT Rajdhani  
  2. Kolkata - Kamrup Express 
  3. Guwahati - Intercity Express, NTSK Jivachh Lin  

By Air. Dibrugarh airport in Mohanbari is the nearest airport to the city. From the airport, one has to take the local transport to reach the city which is 15km away. The airport receives direct and connecting flights from major cities of India such as Delhi, Kolkata, etc. You can opt to travel with the following airlines via their non-stop flights to Dibrugarh. 

  1. Kolkata - IndiGo, SpiceJet, AirIndia
  2. Delhi - IndiGo 
  3. Guwahati - SpiceJet 

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