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North Cachar Hills district, which is now known as Dima Hasao district, lies in Assam, a northeastern state of India. There are only two autonomous hill districts in Assam and one of them is Dima Hasao. The headquarter of this district, Haflong is apparently the only hill station in the state of Assam. People actively visit here from many parts of the world to spend their vacations. The hilltop here offers some of the most wonderful views of the nearby Borail mountains. What’s more interesting to know is that this place is also known as the 'Switzerland of the East'. 

History of North Cachar Hills 

The earlier inhabitants of this place were a group of people who lived by their own set of rules and also practiced their own traditions and rights. As per the historians, these hills were already occupied by a number of tribes like Dimasa Kacharis, Kuki tribes, Zeme Nagas during the time of the British colonial era.

And going further back in the medieval period, the Dima Haso belonged to the Dimasa Kachari Kingdom which was also known as the ‘Cachar Kingdom’. At that time in history, the capital of this place was Maibang. However, during the colonial period, it was Khaspur which was the administrative center of the place. 

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It is said that owing to some internal tiff in the kingdom, it was further divided into North Cachar and South Kachar. It was only due to the efforts of a man named Tularam that it became possible to carve out the North Hills of Cachar from the Cachar Kingdom.  

But in '1850s, Tularam passed away after which the frequent Angami raids started to happen to further prove the influence of the Britishers over North Cachar geography. And then as a consequence, sometime in 1853, North Cachar was annexed and then made part of the Nagaon district of the British Assam. 

But in 1867, this particular sub-division was completely abolished. After that, this place was divided into a total of three geographical parts named Cachar, Khasi, and Jaintia Hills. Finally, it was in 1970, that the government declared an independent administrative district.

Why You Should Visit North Cachar Hills

Described as 'Switzerland of the East', this place is truly an exceptional opportunity to explore the fascinating beauty of nature. It won’t be wrong to say that the North Cachar Hills can be treated as the dreamland of the North-East and is no less than a traveling opportunity for people who love to explore and discover the musings of nature’s abundance. 

Places to Visit in North Cachar Hills

Haflong. It is an enticing hill station situated in the North Cachar hills at a height of around 966 meters. Haflong is actually a Dimasa word and its meaning is 'Anthill.' It is undoubtedly one of the most amazing places to explore the beauty of nature. 

District Museum. Here, one can witness the wonderful collection of artifacts, and many of the collections are ancient ornaments, musical instruments, hunting tools, and fishing equipment. If you are an adventure lover, trekking can also be enjoyed here as it’s an ideal destination for trekking lovers.

Things to do at North Cachar Hills

Visit Jatinga. It is a small town in Assam where you get to appreciate its green and grand forests, encircled with enthralling mountains. What is really intriguing is the fact that this place is considered as a town where a great number of birds commit suicide. Yes, you heard it right and this fact gives this place a more prominent reason to visit here especially for the tourists and explore the mystery behind such happenings.

Visit Haflong Lake. This lake stands among one of the most beautiful destinations in Assam, positioned in the heart of the hill station. The water of the lake is crystal clear, well-maintained, where one can indulge in various activities such as boating, alongside, thousands of migratory birds can be seen. Undoubtedly, the lake offers a sense of heaven to everyone, a spot where you can collect unforgettable memories.

Events and Festivals in and Around North Cachar Hills

Assam Tea Festival. Since Assam is home to some of the biggest tea estates, it is important and compulsory to celebrate its contribution to the nation. It is the largest tea producer in India and thus people of Assam celebrate this festival. Read More

Rongali Bihu. Assam, often known as the Bihu state, is popular because of the festival of Bihu which is extremely entertaining and fun. Bihu festival is like a dramatic cultural festival that is filled with joy and love. Read More

Best Time to Visit North Cachar Hills

While you can visit this beautiful place whenever you want, the best time to visit is the winter season when you can enjoy to your heart's content without worrying about humidity. 

Food and Clothing of Assam

The people of Assam are very hospitable and the culture of this place is really incredible to explore. The women of this place wear a motif rich Mekhela Chador or the Riha Mekhela which comes across as a kind of skirt. The men wear Suria, which can also be called a dhoti in the local language. The men in Assam wear Dhoti and Gamosa which is their traditional attire. Fish, Chicken, Duck, Fish Curry, Dried Fish, Pork and Pigeon are some of the popular cuisines of Assam. Pitha is also very popular here as a sweet dish made from rice. 

How to reach North Cachar Hills?

By Air. Planning a trip to this place via flight is a good decision. The Silchar Airport is the nearest domestic one and its international counterpart is the Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport. There are many direct flights to this place from major Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, etc.

By Road. Traveling via road surely helps you make a lot of amazing memories. You can travel to North Cachar Hills via Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore. You can consider taking NH 27, 48, 27 and 16 to travel via road. 

By Train. The Haflong Hill Railway Station is the nearest railway station from this place. After that, its a one to one and a half hour journey by car. 

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