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Top 15 Tourist Places In Assam 2024

One of the most charming states in northeast India lying in the wait to be explored, Assam is gift-wrapped with thick jungles with the most bizarre wildlife, rolling hills of aromatic tea, and canoes sailing down the River Brahmaputra. Don’t know where to start from? Have a look at this list of the most amazing tourist places in Assam to plan your trip to this state. Home to some of the best wildlife sanctuaries and the grower of India’s maximum share of tea, Assam never seizes a moment to leave its visitors bewitched by its beauty and tranquillity.

15 Best Places to Visit in Assam 2024

Looking for famous places to visit in Assam? Have a look at the most charming tourist places in Assam and what they offer.

  • Kaziranga National Park
  • Manas National Park
  • Kamakhya Temple
  • Hoollongapar Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Kakochang Waterfalls
  • Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Umananda Island
  • Orang National Park
  • Guwahati Planetarium
  • Padam Pukhuri
  • Haflong Hill
  • Panimoor Falls
  • Silchar
  • Tinsukia
  • Darang

1. Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park, Places to Visit in Assam

A world heritage site and a major highlight on the map of Assam, the Kaziranga National Park is home to almost 33 percent of the earth’s population of the one-horned rhinoceros. With its versatile biodiversity and sustained ecology, this place is on top of the list of tourist places in Assam. The Kaziranga National Park is also home to Elephants, Chinese Pangolins, Gibbons, Sloth Bears, Flyin Squirrels, Swamp Deers, Wild Buffalos, Bengal Foxes, Civets, and Leopards. The famous Bengal Tigers can also be found here. 

2. Manas National Park

Manas National Park, Tourist place in Assam

A Project Tiger Reserve, a Biosphere Reserve, an Elephant Reserve, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Manas National Park is one of the best tourist places in Assam! For those who wish to witness the rare species of India’s flora and fauna, Manas is the best place to be as it is famous for being home to the red panda and the golden langur. Manas National Park is also popular for being a safe abode to the second-largest tiger population in India. 

3. Kamakhya Temple

Kamakhya Temple, tourist attraction in Assam

Carrying a myth to protect devotees from evil eyes, the Kamakhya Temple is one of the 51 Shakti Peeths in India. Owing to its amazing Tantric adoration, it is one of the most famous tourist places in Assam for tourists and pilgrims alike. Dedicated to Lord Shiva and Daksha Yagna, this temple is located atop Nilachal Hills. 

4. Hoollongapar Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary

Hoollongapar Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary in Assam

A haven for Assam’s Hoolock Gibbon population, Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary is located around 20 kilometers away from Jorhat city center. One of the best spectacles of Assam sightseeing for nature and wildlife lovers, this wildlife sanctuary is surrounded by tea gardens and the Brahmaputra River. This sanctuary is home to 40 species of Hoolock Gibbons and other wild animals like Stum-Tailed Macaque, Assamese Macaque, Slow Loris, Capped Langur, Pigtail Macaque, Rhesus Macaque, and Elephants.

5. Kakochang Waterfalls

Kakochang Waterfalls in Assam

A magnificent wonder of nature, the Kakochang Waterfalls cascade down furiously between the coffee and rubber plantations of Jorhat. The main waterfall attracts tourists in great numbers throughout the year and it is located 13 kilometers away from the Bokakhat in Jorhat. Apart from providing spectacular views of the lush green tea plantations and the ruins of Numaligarh, this waterfall offers a great subject for shutterbugs and a refreshing retreat.

6. Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary

Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, tourist places in Assam

Blessing you with unbeatable views of the endless orchid meadows and snowy Himalayan peaks and giving you the chance to spot some of the country’s rarest wildlife and avifauna species, Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is situated on the Eastern Himalayan foothills. Visitors can enjoy the best of both worlds as this park shares its borders with Arunachal Pradesh and merges with the Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary.

7. Umananda Island

Umananda Island in Assam

A worthy place to be on the bucket list of every traveler visiting Assam, Umananda Island is a religious island that is amongst the best places to visit in Assam in June. Easily accessible from Guwahati, this small island islet is also known as Peacock Island and is located right in the middle of the Brahmaputra River. Home to the popular Umananda Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, it is one of the smallest islands in the world.

8. Orang National Park

Orang National Park in Assam

Also known as Rajiv Gandhi National Park, Orang National Park is nestled quietly on the northern shores of the Brahmaputra. Amongst the most unique Assam destinations, it is popular for being a safe abode for one-horned rhinos. Also, this park is unbelievably rich in fauna and houses more than 50 species of fish, which is the reason behind its scenic charm and bewitching landforms.

9. Guwahati Planetarium

Guwahati Planetarium

Astronomy lovers are absolutely crazy about this tourist attraction in Assam. With its myriad avenues for space exploration and activities for kids, the Guwahati Planetarium draws a large number of visitors each year. For young minds that want to learn about space, it is a great place to know the surprising facts about the universe in an interactive way. To let people witness rare phenomenons like solar eclipses and meteor showers, this popular astronomical research center hosts a number of seminars and exhibitions.

10. Padam Pukhuri

Padam Pukhuri

Positioned in the vicinity of the Bamuni Hills, Padam Pukhuri and Hazara Pukhuri are a pair of tanks. While Padam Pukhuri is an island park famous for lotuses, the Hazara Pukhuri is recognized as the third-largest artificial lake in Tezpur. Contributing to the cool and breezy atmosphere of the city, it was created from an archaeological excavation in the 19th century. 

11. Haflong Hill

Haflong Hill, Famous place in Assam

Popular for thrilling activities like trekking and paragliding, Haflong Hill is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Assam. This gorgeous hill will leave you speechless as it is surrounded by a mesmerizing aura. To up your Instagram game, the hill offers an outstanding view of the mountains around and the lush greenery.

12. Panimoor Falls

Panimoor Falls in Assam

One of the major attractions in Haflong, Panimoor Falls is situated over 100 kilometers away from the main town. If you are a fan of Bollywood movies and the interesting trivia related to them excites you then this place is for you as some of the shots from Shahid Kapoor and Kangana Ranaut starer Rangoon were shot here.

13. Silchar

Silchar in Assam

With its enchanting landscapes, Silchar will make your jaw drop while you explore this one of the most beautiful tourist places in Assam. Profuse with nature’s splendor, Silchar is located on the banks of River Barak. Silchar shares its borders with Barai Hills, Bangladesh, Mizoram, and Manipur, and is the second-largest town in Assam. 

14. Tinsukia


If you love everything about nature, then you should not miss visiting Tinsukia while you are exploring Assam. A haven for people who just want some quiet time away from their busy lives, Tinsukia is known for its lush wildlife sanctuaries and beautiful villages. One of the best places to see in Assam, Tinsukia is perfect for living in exile for a few days and exploring little hamlets.

15. Darang


If you love exploring places with rich flora-fauna and culture, then don’t forget to visit Darang on your trip to Assam. Darang was also mentioned in Mahabharata and it is scattered with mythological spots and religious Destination all around. This place has much to offer and has salubrious weather throughout the year.     

Reading about all these tourist places in Assam made you excited? Plan your vacation in Assam with Adotrip right away and make memories in the awesome places of the North East with your dear friends and family. With us, nothing is far! 

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Places to Visit in Assam

Q. What are some popular tourist destinations in Assam?
A. Some popular tourist destinations in Assam include Kaziranga National Park, Manas National Park, Kamakhya Temple, Sivasagar, Majuli Island, and Guwahati city.

Q. Are there any wildlife sanctuaries or national parks in Assam?
A. Assam is home to several wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, including Kaziranga National Park, Manas National Park, Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, and Nameri National Park.

Q. What are some outdoor activities to do in Assam?
A. Assam is a great destination for outdoor enthusiasts. You can go on wildlife safaris, bird watching, trekking, river rafting, and even take a hot air balloon ride.

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