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Mon, home of the Konyak nagas situated in Nagaland, provides a unique and quite enchanting view of tattooed faces wearing feathery loincloths. With the exception of the foothills, this district has difficult terrain with steep slopes. It doesn't have a lot of touristy places here, but still, a lot of tourists make their way to Mon from all around the world. The most interesting aspect of this hill town is its people, their culture and their dressing which is very colourful and unique.

There are several little villages around Nom that are very pretty and give you an insight into the life of the Nagas. The most famous tourist places in Mon are Naginimora and Veda Peak. There is a gorgeous waterfall near Veda Peak which is going to be the most pristine sight that one can lay their eyes on. Veda Peak is almost 70 kilometres away from Mon. Chul, Longwa, and Shangyu are other few villages in the region that are worth visiting.

Best Places To Visit In Mon, Nagaland

The best time to visit Mon is between the months of October and May because the weather remains pleasant during this time period. The temperature during summers is not that hot and one can visit Mon easily. But monsoon time should be avoided as it pours heavily in this region. 

History of Mon, Nagaland

The region of Mon and surrounding area was occupied by the British in 1889 and designated a sub-divisional headquarters; it was a centre of guerrilla activities until the formation of the state of Nagaland in 1963. The town is known for its weaving industry and has many traditional cottage industries in its vicinity. The region of Mon also trades in bay leaves. In the 1970s, a cottage-industries training and production centre was established in the region. 

Major Attractions of Mon, Nagaland

1. Veda Peak

The highest peak in the district of Mon is the Veda Peak. Situated 70 kilometres away from the district headquarters, Veda Peak offers a clear and stunning view of the River Brahmaputra as River Chindwin when the weather is clear. 

2. Shangyu Village

One of the most popular villages in the district, Shangyu Village is worth a visit. The Chief of the village is known as Angh and the Angh’s house is said to be more than 500 years old which still stands tall. 

3. Chenloisho Village

Located near the India-Myanmar border, Chenloisho village is one of the biggest villages in the Chen area. This village is home to a small museum which has all kinds of traditional ornaments of the region. Human skulls from the head-hunting period are showcased in a place called Waloo. 

4. Longwa Village

Being one of the largest villages in the district, Longwa village is a highly interesting place. This village’s Angh’s house lies half in India and half in Myanmar. Even after the village is divided into two countries, the village is ruled by the chief or Angh. 

How To Reach Mon, Nagaland

Mon, Nagaland is a faraway tourist destination and since it is closely located in Burma they have a close relationship with the ‘Burmese’. The journey to Mon can get a little bumpy and for those who are easy prey of motion sickness things can get a lot worse, but once you reach Mon you will realize all the trouble was worth it. 

  • Nearest metropolitan city. Kolkata
  • Nearest airport. Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport
  • Nearest railway station. Dimapur railway station
  • Distance from Kolkata. 1398 Kms

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By Air

Mon doesn’t have a dedicated airport in the region but the nearest airbase is Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport. From here, one can cover the remaining distance via cabs and buses. 

  • Distance from Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport. 461 Kms

Here is a list of Indian cities from where flights are available to Mon, Nagaland

By Rail

The region of Mon district doesn’t have any dedicated railway station. The closest railhead to Mon is Dimapur railway station. From here, one can easily travel the remaining distance via local buses and taxis. 

  • Distance from Dimapur Railway Station. 257 Kms

By Road

Mon, Nagaland is well-connected by a network of roadways. One can find local buses and taxis for hire from every railway station and airport. Nagaland State Transport buses run to and fro around Nagaland which is easily accessible. 

Travel Tip

Since monsoon season lasts longer in this region, it should be avoided because the risks of landslides rise.

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