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Chhapar is a word referred to something in abundance and here in this festival this abundance is of joy and fun. This Mela is not just a fair but a festival full of entertainment, dance, culture and more. One would find everything that he needs to entertain himself and his companions here in this fair.

The festival is celebrated in Chhapar Village in Ludhiana in the month of September when the Snake God is also worshipped. Other than the entertainment part this festival has a meaning for the people of the village. It is believed that worshipping Snake God lets the barren women become mothers. It is a significant festival which attracts a lot of people from all over the country and thus is an appropriate festival for you to attend.

Major attractions of Chhapar Mela

There is a dance function organized where girls dance with all zeal and feel and drive the audience crazy. It is an altogether different experience to see people setting themselves free and living the moments to the fullest.

A story is narrated about a boy and a snake which is significant to the celebration of the festival.

How to reach Chhapar Mela?

The festival is celebrated in Chhapar village which lies in the Ludhiana district and can be easily accessed by tourists from anywhere in India. The Ludhiana airport and railway junction are very well-connected to many other major cities of India. One can also come to Chandigarh and then take a train or road transport to Ludhiana which hardly takes 2 hours.

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    15 August 2019

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