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We cannot miss on breathtaking valleys. Can we? This beautiful place is just a few km away from the capital city Kohima. It is one and only beloved of trekkers and is not much explored until now. The charming flowers, flowing streams and picturesque views are all to die for.

Top attractions of Dzukou Valley

Naga Heritage Village

This place is again one of the most amazing places to visit with your loved ones. If you want to experience something amazing as well as beautiful then you should definitely be visiting the Naga Heritage Village.

Kohima War Cemetery

Lying on the battleground of the Garrison Hill. This place was destroyed in the whole fighting scenario. This cemetery is containing 1420 burials of the people and that in itself is worth a reason to visit this place once.

Japfu Peak

The Japfu Peak is located in the south of Kohima. The height of this peak is around 9,500 feet which makes it quite a delightful destination to visit with your loved ones.

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Things to do in Dzukou Valley

Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary

Here you will be finding a very wide variety of flora and fauna. The scenic views of this forest are simply out and out amazing.

Kohima Museum

In this place, you will be finding a lot of amazing as well as knowledgeable insights about the city’s culture along with some other interesting facts as well.

The Catholic Cathedral

This place holds a significant spiritual charm. If you visit this place then here you will be finding a lot of people travelling to this place.

Best time to visit Dzukou Valley

The best time to visit Dzukou valley is from June till September.

How to reach Dzukou Valley?

By Air - Dimapur is situated at a distance of around 75 km from the Nagaland and for travelling to this place you will have to catch a flight for Dimapur.

By Road - You will have to hire a cab to reach Dzukou valley.

By Train - Nearest railway station is Dimapur which is well connected with other major cities. So, if you are planning to travel via train then it should not be much of a problem for you.

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