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Reckoned as the “Island of Peace”, Silchar is among the best tourist places that is tucked in the state of Assam. It is the second largest city of the state that serves as the headquarters of Cachar district. It is strategically positioned betwixt Manipur and Mizoram and is a connecting point for all these northeastern states. This exceptionally beautiful town is encompassed by the Barak river which adds extra charm to its serene environ and breathtaking landscape. The city takes pride in its rich heritage, cultural ethnicity, vivid views and dramatic mountains which are also the highpoints of Silchar Tourism, Assam. Silchar is a perfect place for holidaymakers, peace seekers and adventure enthusiasts as it opens myriad avenues for all sorts of enriching discoveries. 

Best Time to Visit Silchar

Silchar enjoys a tropical monsoon climate which typically remains pleasant throughout the year. However, the best time to visit Silchar is anytime between January to April and September to December when the weather is ideal for sightseeing and excursions. It is advisable to avoid visiting Silchar during monsoon season as it gets a heavy downpour which sometimes creates an alarming situation for the tourists. 

History of Silchar

The history of Silchar has seen many upheavals from the time of the British era. Soon after the ruler of Cachar, Maharaja Gobinda Chandra was brutally assassinated in the year 1830, his region was taken over by the East India Company. By then, Silchar remained a hidden territory until it was discovered first by Captain Fisher who was assigned the task of selecting headquarters and establishing administration. 

3 years later in the year 1833, Silchar became the headquarters of the district and Captain Fisher became the first superintendent of the district. Despite being the founder and a great contributor in developing Silchar, Captain Fisher faced hostility by the tribal natives who kept protesting against the Company’s rule. 

During his tenure, he made developments in the region and the first polo ground in the world was established here in 1859. In 1863, Reverend William Prize initiated the establishment of the first high school in Silchar which is now known as Government Boys Higher Secondary School. 

Economic and agricultural activities in the region kept growing which led to the need of increasing connectivity. In 1899, the first railway line was set up between Lumding and Silchar as it was emerging as a significant economic as well as agricultural centre. 

After Independence in 1947, the Assam Government took charge of the region and imposed changing Assamese as the main language. However, due to the protests from the people, Bengali was accepted as an official language under the jurisdiction of West Bengal

About 90% of the total population of Silchar comprises Bengalis who speak the local Sylheti language and remaining 10% of population is formed by the people from Bihar, Manipur, Bishnupur and some tribal groups including the Nagas.

Best Places to Visit in Silchar, Assam

Silchar is bestowed with abundant wonders of nature, vibrant culture, heritage sites, ancient temples and spellbinding vistas due to which it remains a top attraction for tourists who visit here from across the globe. Here is the list of tourist places in Silchar that are totally worth visiting if you are travelling to this part of Assam. Check out!

1. Maniharan Tunnel. Holding a religious significance, Maniharan Tunnel is among the top tourist places to visit in Silchar that has deep resonance with Lord Krishna’s visit to the town. According to locals, this tunnel was built during ancient times. 

2. Khaspur. Located at a distance of 20 km from Silchar, Khaspur is a must visit place to discover the heritage sites from bygone eras. Most of the structures are depilated in the testimony of time, however, architectural beauty of King’s Temple, Lion Gate, Elephant’s Gate etc are still intact and keep fascinating the visitors. 

3. Kancha Kanti Kali Mandir. Also known as Kanch Kali, this ancient temple is located at a distance of 15 km from Silchar. The temple is dedicated to Goddesses Kali and Durga and holds a certain charm that grabs the attention of visitors instantly. 

4. Gandhibagh Park. This sprawling park in Silchar is dedicated to the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi and 11 martyrs who gave their life during the struggle of Independence. Every year, Gandhi Mela is hosted in the park which brings together artisans of the region. An array of stalls are put to showcase and sell beautiful handicrafts and handlooms of Assam. 

5. Dolu Lake. A perfect spot to catch the enchanting view of sunset and sunrise, Dolu Lake in Silchar is definitely worth visiting. Right from unwinding location to serene environment, this lake offers an incredible beauty of nature to the visitors. 

6. Badarpur Fort. One of the must visit places in Silchar, Assam, Badarpur Fort is a spectacular heritage site that dates back to the Mughal Era. It is a prominent tourist attraction of the state that is located on the banks of river Barak which adds extra charm to its beauty. 

7. Bhuban Mahadev Temple. Situated on the top of Bhuvan hills, Bhuban Mahadev temple is a significant Shiva temple in the region. Besides its religious importance, this ancient temple depicts beautiful architecture which is truly a work of art. 

8. Jatinga. It is a beautiful village of Assam that is located at a distance of about 98 km from Silchar. It is a small tribal village and the only hill station in the state. Jatinga is referred to as a valley of death due to mass suicide of birds duing September to November. 

9. Maibong. The erstwhile capital of Kachri dynasty, Maibong is a picturesque town that lies in a hilly region of Assam. It is located at a distance of 134 km from Silchar and is famous for its beautiful landscape, breathtaking waterfalls and historical relics. It is a perfect place for trekking, hill climbing and camping. 

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How to Reach Silchar

Silchar boast a great infrastructure which makes it well connected to other parts of the country through various means of transport that are mentioned below:

  • Nearest Major City. Imphal
  • Nearest Airport. Kumbhirgram-Silchar Airport (IXS)
  • Nearest Railhead. Silchar (SCL)
  • Distance from Imphal. 116 km

By Air

Silchar enjoys decent connectivity through air as it has the second busiest airport in Assam. There are frequent flights available to and from the neighbouring cities like Guwahati, Kolkata, and Tezpur. The other airport that visitors can consider is Imphal Airport which is not too far from Silchar. 

  • Distance from Silchar Airport. 20.9 km
  • Distance from Imphal Airport. 111 km

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Here is a list of Indian cities from where flights are available to Imphal 

By Rail

Silchar railway station is one of the oldest railway stations in India that was built under Assam Bengal Railway in 1899. It is directly connected to Guwahati Railway Station which serves as the connecting station from all major cities in India. 

  • Distance from Station. 17 km

By Road

Silchar is connected via road through national highways and well maintained roads. Regular state and private buses ply to and fro from all neighbouring cities like Guwahati, Imphal, Agartala, Aizawl etc. 

  • Distance from Aizawl. 122 km 
  • Distance from Guwahati. 186 km 
  • Distance from Agartala. 189 km 
  • Distance from Shillong. 208 km
  • Distance from Kolkata. 1,331.9 km

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Frequently Asked Questions About Silchar

Q 1. Why is Silchar famous?
A 1.
Silchar is famous for its beautiful landscape, vibrant culture and rich heritage. 

Q 2. What country is Silchar in?
A 2.
Silchar is a city in the Indian state of Assam.  

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Travel Tip

Though Silchar can be visited any time of the year, still, we would suggest you do not visit the place during the monsoon season as the risk of landslides is high. 

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