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Known for its natural splendour and scenic beauty, Silchar is situated on the Surma or Barak River and is surrounded by Bangladesh on the west, Mizoram on the south, Manipur on the east, and the Barail hills on the north. Located 313 kilometres south of Guwahati, Silchar is considered the cultural centre and gateway to Barak Valley in Assam.

Silchar is one of the most stable areas in the North-East and is the 2nd largest town in Assam and hence, people often call it the Island of Peace. With its airport and institutes of higher education, it is also one of the most developed areas. Because of its picturesque location, Silchar is also used as the entry point to the neighbouring regions of Mizoram and Manipur. Almost 90% of its inhabitants are Bengalis who speak the Sylheti dialect, the rest being Manipuri (Meitei), Marwaris, Bishnupriya Manipuri, Dimasa Kachari (Barman), Assamese, and some tribal groups like Nagas.

Best Time To Visit Silchar

Silchar can be visited throughout the year. The weather in Silchar remains pleasant all year long, and one explores Silchar in all its glory. The atmosphere during summers is good, and it's also the peak season when a lot of tourists visit Silchar. The temperature of Silchar remains moderate during the winter season. Silchar is one of those few places that are neither too hot nor too cold and is perfect for those travellers who like to spend as much time out in the open as possible. The weather is refreshed during the monsoon season because of the frequent showers, but it also enhances the risk of floods.

History Of Silchar

Did you know that Polo was discovered in Silchar? Here’s the story! 

During the mid 19th century, British tea planters re-discovered the game of polo that the exiled princes of Manipur used to play on the Burmese border with India. Silchar is the place where the first polo club in the world was formed and the first competitive modern polo was held. Visitors can still read about this achievement written behind the district library of Silchar.

Places To Visit In Silchar

1. Khaspur

Located 20 kilometres away from Silchar, Khaspur offers you a chance to explore the ruins of a great Dimasa kingdom. The main attractions are the aged old king’s temple, the Sun Gate, and the Lion Gate. 

2. Dolu Lake

A photographer’s delight and one of the most beautiful lakes in Silchar, Dolu lake is a peaceful spot that offers some quality time to spend all by yourself or with your loved ones.

3. Maniharan Tunnel

Only a few kilometres from Silchar, Maniharan Tunnel is a wonderful place for tourists. According to legends, the tunnel was built during the days of Lord Krishna and was once home to him. 

4. Badarpur Fort

About 16 kilometres away from the Badarpur Railway Station, situated on the bank of Barak River, the Badarpur Fort is an important historic place of Barak Valley. 

5. Bhubaneswar Temple

Situated at least 50 kilometres away from Silchar, the Bhubaneshwar Temple is one of the most celebrated temples of Lord Shiva and is located on top of Bhuvan Hill. 

How To Reach Silchar 

Silchar is a place that is well-connected to the major cities like Kolkata and Guwahati through a wide network of railways, airways, and roadways. Frequent flights fly to and fro for Silchar Airport from Kolkata and Guwahati. Silchar Railway Station is directly connected to Guwahati Railway Station. A wide network of roads connects Silchar to other major cities of Assam. Silchar is directly connected with Guwahati via a national highway. 

  • Nearest metropolitan city. Kolkata
  • Distance from Kolkata. 1310 Kms
  • Nearest international airport. Imphal Airport
  • Nearest domestic airport. Silchar Airport
  • Nearest railway station. Silchar Railway Station

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By Air

Silchar has a dedicated airport just outside the main city. Many airlines fly to Silchar from Kolkata now and then. Taxi service is available just outside the airport to drop you in the main city. 

  • Distance from Silchar Airport. 26 Kms
  • Distance from Imphal Airport  - 111 Kms

By Train

Silchar has a dedicated railway station in the Tarapur area. The station is well-connected with most of the important cities of North-East including Agartala, Guwahati, Lunding, etc. However, if you are coming from other parts of the country like Mumbai, Delhi, or Kolkata, you have to deboard the train at Dibrugarh or Guwahati and then take a train to Silchar. The second nearest railhead to Silchar is Badarpur Railway Station. 

  • Distance from Silchar Railway Station. 2 Km
  • Distance from Badarpur Railway Station. 32 Kms

By Road

The city of Silchar is very well-connected to different cities of Assam through a network of roads. It is very easy to reach Silchar by driving on your own or by cab. A national highway directly connects Guwahati to Silchar. State-run buses are also a viable option as all the buses go to Silchar's ISBT

  • Distance from Guwahati. 303 Kms

Travel Tip

Though Silchar can be visited any time of the year, still, we would suggest you do not visit the place during the monsoon season as the risk of landslides is high. 

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