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It is one of the most divine places to visit in Nagaland and has gained huge popularity in the past years. It is a beautiful yet very lively district which is known for its rich culture and unbending traditions. The hospitality is also one of the reasons for its growth in the tourism industry. Mokokchung is a town in the state of Nagaland and is also the only urban hub in the district of Mokukchung. It is one of the most important urban centres both economically and politically in the Northern Nagaland. It is also the third most urban city after Kohima and Dimapur. It is also a culturally rich town for the Ao people who majorly reside there. It is also widely known as the ‘Land of pioneers’ for producing a huge number of influencers in different fields. Mokokchung has an extraordinary culture of celebrating Christmas and New Year in the midnight in the main town square of the town which is a highlight about the place.

Places to visit in Mokokchung


The beauty of Longkhum is phenomenally charming. It is said that visiting this place a single time is not enough and it compels you to visit this place again and again. It is as if sub-consciously you still remain in that place.

Ungma Village

Being the second largest village located in Nagaland and also the oldest one this place is believed to be the very birthplace of the Ao tribe. It can be clearly seen that the natives of this village have taken an extra precaution to particularly preserve the Ao culture along with the traditions of this village.

Langpangkangkong Caves

The Lagpngkangkong Caves is one such tourist attraction which is out and out amazing in all its might. These caves are really great when it comes to the valley of Dikhu and the Tzula Rivers. The lush natural beauty of this place s simply enchanting to experience in all its might.

Things to do in Mokokchung

Molung Village

Situated in the Changikong village there lies a leechi tree. And if the story is to be believed then this tree was planted by the same missionary.

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Visit The Caves

The caves of the Peren, Fusen and Mongzu Ki are quite well known as well as unexplored to quite a scalable extent. And this very fact makes them quite an interesting travel destination to explore and discover.

Dikhu River

This river is one of the most enchanting rivers located in Nagaland. So, if you are looking for spending some really great time with your loved ones then this is the kind of tourist spot where taking an evening stroll would really help you feel relaxed and refreshed.  

Events and festivals in & around Mokokchung

Moatsu Festival

The Ao tribe of the Nagaland celebrates the Moatsu festival in the hope of having a great harvest. This festival is celebrated after sowing the seeds in the fields. Furthermore, if required then some reconstruction work is also done if required.

Tsüngremmong festival

It is considered to be one of the premier festivals of the Ao tribe. This is celebrated on the 2nd August in various parts of the Mokokchung district. It is celebrated after the much laborious period of the jhuming activities regarding harvesting.

Best time to visit Mokokchung

The ideal time to visit Mokokchung would be the autumn season as this is the time when the overall temperature is quite pleasant and ideal for travelling.

How to reach Mokokchung?

By Air - The nearest airport in Mokokchung is in Dimapur which is located at a distance of around 212 kilometres and Jorhat which is located at a distance of around 105 kilometres.

By Train - The nearest railway station is located in Mariani which is situated at a distance of around 85 km from the main city.

By Road - The connectivity via road is also quite good. Mokokchung is very well connected via NH 61.  

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