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Famous Festival of Nagaland

10 Famous Festival of Nagaland You Must Experience In 2024

Every Indian state has its dedicated customs and traditions that make it unique. The Northeastern state of Nagaland has the same. The state houses people of over 16 tribes with their ways of celebrating joy and happiness. The diversity of these tribes makes Nagaland a land of cultural fairs.

The perfect blend of natural beauty, cultural diversity, and festivities ranks it among the top tourist destinations. So, if you are planning to visit, plan ahead, as you can enjoy various festivals in Nagaland if you go at the right time.

Top 10 Glorious Festivals of Nagaland | Immerse Yourself in Vibrant Culture and Traditions

Each festival in Nagaland is celebrated with immense pleasure by dressing in dazzling clothes, vibing to the cultural music, and eating toothsome food. If you want to know about these festivals, read ahead!

  • Aoleang Festival | The Prayer For a Better Crop Yield
  • Hornbill Festival Nagaland | The Invented Festival
  • Sekrenyi | A Life-altering Experience
  • Mimkut | The Festival to Please the Demon
  • Tokhu Emong | The End of the Harvest
  • Hega Festival | Thanking God for the Privileges
  • Naknyulem | The Festival of Games
  • Tuluni | A Celebration of Harvest by the Sumis
  • Moatsii Mong | Witness the Culture of the Oldest Tribe
  • Bushu | Another Harvest Festival

1. Aoleang Festival | The Prayer For a Better Crop Yield

Just like every other state, Nagaland has its own way of celebrating the inception of the harvest season. The Aoleang festivals mark the inception of the new year during the Spring. It is a 5-day festival celebrated by the Konyak tribe in the state. It is celebrated at the start of April after the new seeds are sown and harvested.

People of the state welcome and celebrate this festival with their unique rituals and traditions. The key USP of this festival is the music and dance performances that the people of Nagaland host. You will see different dance and music routines adequately planned and executed for all five days. All of this is feasible just because of the tremendous support from the government.

  • Date: April 1 to 6

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2. Hornbill Festival Nagaland | The Invented Festival

The unusual name of the festival is because of the state bird, Hornbill. Unlike other festivals, this one is not linked to any ancient history. The state’s government started the Hornbill Festival in 2000 to market Nagaland as a tourist destination. It takes place in the Kisama village and is celebrated in the initial days of December. Hence, plan your trip timely.

Numerous prime aspects make this festival unique. For example, you can witness several rock concerts, tribal artworks, and dance performances during the festival. Further, there is a unique competition here named the chilli-eating competition. If you dare to, you can participate in this competition. Besides, you get to taste many of the state's delicacies during the festival. You can also go and see a motor rally here. Hornbill is also the annual Nagaland music festival.

  • Date: December 1 to 10

3. Sekrenyi | A Life-altering Experience

Sekrenyi is one of the longest festivals in the state. The festival's overall duration is ten days and is celebrated by the Angami tribe. If you are here in February, you should attend this festival as you will get to see some of the unforgettable visuals of your life. Each day, the festival is different.

Only the young and bachelor men are permitted to work for the festival on the first day. The second day begins and ends with the hunting of animals for the celebrations. Further, in the major part of the festival, which is the middle days, the hunted animals are slaughtered, cooked, and served to the people. Men slaughter the animals, and women cook them. The fourth day is dedicated to young couples who exchange gifts and express their love. People with their loved ones spend the last few days of the Sekrenyi.

  • Date: Starts February 25

4. Mimkut | The Festival to Please the Demon

This early-year festival in Nagaland is celebrated to please the demon “Thilha,” who is believed to visit the place. Overall, it is a religious festival celebrated by the Kuki tribe to please the demon. In light of the same, numerous bizarre rituals are performed. They are surefire to amaze you.

During the festival, you will witness the sacrifice of the foul to please the deity. Till now, it may seem a bit dark to you. Here is something interesting. People of the Kuki tribe gather in the Peren district to celebrate the festival by playing tribal instruments and dancing. On top of that, there are various fairs and events that you can attend. And if we come to food, the festival hosts several stalls that sell ethnic dishes. So, it is the complete package for your trip.

  • Date: Second week of January

5. Tokhu Emong | The End of the Harvest

Like there is a festival for the beginning of the harvest, Tokhu Emong is the festival for the end of the harvest season. The Lotha tribe of Nagaland celebrates it in November. Unlike many other state festivals, this one is less intense and celebrated with glory.

During the festival, the people of the tribe spend their time singing, dancing, and drinking with their friends and family. Above all reasons, the key motive for celebrating this festival is to take a rest day after the harvest is completed successfully. Do witness this festival in Nagaland.

  • Date: First Week of November

6. Hega Festival | Thanking God for the Privileges