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We cannot leave the category of art and unity. You got to find both in here. This district is home to many tribes living together and hence having many different cultures blended nicely. Also, you will find a lot of handicrafts, jewellery, and artworks which are again a talking point about this district. You can take these items back with you as souvenirs and recall the memories you have had here. Tuensang is a beautiful town in the state of Nagaland. The town is the headquarters of the Tuensang district which is the largest district of the state of Nagaland and also shares its border with Myanmar. There are many educational institutes and colleges in the district which makes it one of the most popular and main educational centres in the state. National Highway 155 passes through the Tuensang town linking Mokukchung and Jessami.

Places to visit in Tuensang


Located on the edge of the Tuensang District this place has successfully gained a lot of public attention owing to its tribal festivals which the tourists attend to see for the purpose of getting to know about the village’s local art forms.  


This is an ancient village which is known for its amazing remnants of history. If you visit this place then you will get to know about various significant things about the past of this place. For history buffs, this is one of the best places to visit around and explore.

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This is quite an interesting village to visit around. And if the legend is to be believed then we can say that this place has been named so because it is said that the Chang tribe came and settled in this very place.   

Things to do in Tuensang


This place is considered to be an off-beat travel destination in Nagaland. It is located in Longtrok village. It is also quite well known for the two ancient stones which picture the two friends who five a regular visit to this village.

Chilise Village

Known for its incredible history this is the kind of place which you must absolutely give a visit. Travelling to this place will offer you a significantly brilliant perspective. Moreover, it is believed that the last of the headhuntings was done in Chilise in the month of August and in the year of 1978.  

Events and festivals in & around Tuensang

Tuluni Festival

This particular festival is celebrated with a very joyful spirit by the Sumi Naga tribe. Prayers and offerings are given to the Litsaba. Fundamentally, she is known as the Goddess who is responsible for taking care of the crops and protecting them. Read more...

Nazu Festival

The traditional rituals are strictly followed by the people on the day of the Nazu Festival. It is celebrated before the annual sowing of the seeds is done. There is a lot of entertainment as well as competitions. One can witness the locals who perform dance and music quite brilliantly.

Best time to visit Tuensang

If you are planning a trip to Tuensang then winter is considered to be the best time for travelling to Tuensang and exploring and discovering its brilliant aspects.

How to reach Tuensang?

By Air - If you are planning to visit Tuensang via flights then the nearest airport for you would be Dimapur airport. It is very well connected with the other major cities of our country.

By Road - The overall connectivity via road is also quite good. There are a number of regular taxis as well as buses which you can take and visit Tuensang.

By Train - Planning to travel Tuensang via train? Then the nearest railway station would be in Dimapur and it is greatly connected with the other major cities.

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