There are a total of eight districts in the state of Mizoram and Champhai is one of them. It majorly consists of four rural development blocks which are famous for its flora and fauna.

Champhai is also home to Murlen National Park and Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary. Thus, for wildlife photographers, it is a great opportunity to capture some of the most unforgettable moments of their lives here.

Best Time to Visit Champhai

The peaceful beauty of this place is what will move you the most. And talking about the weather, the temperature here is pleasant mostly. On an overall basis, the average temperature of this place can reach up to 18-degree Celsius thus, it would only add to the fun quotient of your journey.

So, it won't be wrong to say that Champhai can be visited at any time of the year. However, it is specifically advised to skip the rainy months as it can be a real mess.

History of Champhai

Apparently, Champhai was considered to be the headquarters of Lalbura Sailo who was a Mizo chief and son of Vanhnuailiana. It was against him that the aggressive British expedition of 1871-1872 was directed. And in the British era, Champhai was accorded the status of a fort.

It was also during this time that the soil of this region was still untouched in terms of cultivation. So, precisely in 1898 irrigation of rice was initiated which was backed by the British Colonial Authorities. The primary reason for doing this was to supply rice to the British soldiers as well as the labourers.

Major Attractions In and Around Champhai

1. Murlen National Park

In this lush and dramatically beautiful park, you will find a great variety of some of the most endangered species of animals. This place is spread around a vast area of around 100 sq km. Here, you will also get to witness the hills standing tall and proud shining in their amazingly raw beauty. Thus, not visiting this place might be a cause of regret for you.

2. Rih Dil

As the name suggests, this is a heart-shaped lake which holds the true beauty of nature. What is really exciting about this place is the fact that even though it is located in Mizoram, a part of this lake is located in Myanmar. This is due to the political boundaries between the two countries. We bet that you didn’t know this! Did you?

3. Mura Puk

For history lovers, this is the kind of place which they must not absolutely miss. Here, you will be finding a total of six caves to explore and experience the rush similar to that of Indiana Jones adventures. However, there are no authentic historical records about the origin of Mura Puk. But that won’t be an issue for you unless you are a historian, isn’t it? 

4. Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary

This wildlife sanctuary is spread in an area of about 80 sq km and here you will be finding a great variety of plants and animals to discover. This place is just the perfect travel getaway for people who love nature as they would be finding so much of abundance in terms of scenic views and dazzling spectrum. Plus, you always have the possibility to spot some animal which you may not have seen before.

How to Reach Champhai

Champhai is quite an interesting place to travel, especially, if you are looking forward to discovering something unheard and unseen before. It is located at a distance of 2,550, 3,396,1,651, 3,597 km from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru respectively. Here is how you can reach Champhai by the following means of public transportation. 

By Air

If you are planning to visit Champhai via flight then you should know that the nearest airport to Champhai is situated in Aizawl i.e. Lengpui Airport (AJL) situated about 215 km away. It is fairly well connected to the other regions. Once you deboard, you can easily get a cab or some other means of public transportation to reach your respective destination. 

Here is a list of Indian cities from where flights are available to Champhai

By Train

The nearest train station from Champhai is Bairabi which is located at a distance of about 300 km from Champhai. After deboarding at the station, you will need to hire a taxi or a bus to reach here. You can avail transportation services from - 

  • Nuremi Counter, Vengthlang
  • Tesanga Counter, Vengthlang
  • Chawngi Counter
  • Sawma Sumo Counter

By Road

You can also traverse to Champhai via road networks and depending upon the route taken, the hours to reach here can differ. From the nearby regions, you can easily avail buses, cabs to reach here. However, if you want to travel without any hassle in a slow and steady manner, then the best way to travel here would be via your own vehicle.

  • From Aizawl - 187 km via Champhai -North Vanlapaihai Road
  • From Darlawn - 229 km via NH2
  • From Sairang - 203 km via NH306

Frequently Asked Questions about Champhai

Q. Where is Champhai located?
A. Champhai is a town located in the state of Mizoram, India

Q. What are the popular tourist destinations in Champhai?
A.  Some popular tourist destinations in Champhai include Rihdil Lake, the Mount Everest of Mizoram, and the Champhai Wildlife Sanctuary. 

You can plan your trip and create your own route to the city with Adotrip’s technically driven circuit planner. Click here


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