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Considered as one of the fastest growing towns in Mizoram, Siaha is a nice blend of nature’s wonderful bounty and urban vibes of a city. Nestled amid the lush mountains, this is a place where you can touch clouds and watch the shimmering crisp skies transform into various magical hues. 

People who love angling will find Siaha their dream come true. Talking about its etymology, Siaha is made out of two words Sia and Ha meaning elephant and tooth respectively - meaning elephant tooth.

If you are wondering what is the best time to visit Siaha then let us inform you, due to the favourable climatic conditions, the months between November and May are considered quite apt to travel to Siaha.

History of Siaha

There is not much to know about Siaha historically. It was earlier an integral part of the Chhimtuipui District. And when in 1998, the district was split in half, one part was named as Siaha, and the other was called by its old name i.e. Chhimtuipui District. 

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Interestingly, It is also believed that this was the place where a large number of Elephant Teeth were found at one point in time. However, there are no mythological stories about them.

Major Attractions in and Around Siaha

1. Palak Wildlife Sanctuary. Considered to be one of the best travel destinations near Siaha, this sanctuary lies 130 km south to Siaha. With amazing biodiversity, the charm of this sanctuary is just too strong to resist. If you love photography and are a fan of wildlife, then this should be on the top of your travel bucket list.

2. Palak Dil. Also known as Pala Tipo i.e. swallowing lake, this lake is situated in the Phura village which is just a few kilometres away from Siaha. Palak Dil is also considered to be the largest lake in Mizoram and geographically comes under the Indo-Burma biodiversity hotspot. So, if you are a wildlife lover, this place will surely make you fall in love with it.

3. Visit Churches. This place has got a number of churches which carry a subtle spiritual aura. So, if you want to explore the local culture of Siaha then, why not start by exploring and discovering the charm of these amazing churches offering prayers to the almighty.

4. Blue Mountain. Phawngpui, also known as the Blue Mountain, is a must-visit travel destination in Siaha. It is located in the Lawngtlai district and is loaded with nature’s extreme bounty. The stunning views of this place will leave your heart wanting for more.

How to Reach Siaha

Siaha is a great place if you want something unique unravelling before your eyes. It is located at a distance of 2,671, 3,517, 1,780, 3,716 km from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru respectively. Here is how you can reach Siaha by the following means of public transportation.

By Air. The nearest airport is the Lengpui Airport (AJL) situated (approx) 350 km away. It is considered to be the first largest airport in the country which was built by the state government and is well connected by regular and connecting flights. One of the highlighting features of the airport is that it was constructed in a record time of 2 years and 2 months. From the airport, you will need to book a taxi or avail some other means of conveyance to reach your destination.

By Train.  The nearest railway station is the Silchar Railway Station aka Bhasha Railway Station. This particular railhead falls under the jurisdiction of Northeast Frontier Railway zone of the Indian Railways. It has good connectivity with other Indian cities and nearby regions. From the station, you can easily take a train to reach your respective travel getaway. 

By Road. Siaha is well-connected with well-maintained networks of roadways and national highways to reach here. There are regular buses and taxis available from the nearby cities and regions to Siaha. If you don’t like to travel in the congestion of buses and cabs then you can always choose to travel via your own vehicle. 

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