Up for a visit to one of the most beautiful natural lakes in India? Palak Lake is a splendid oval shape lake situated amidst the lush green virgin forests. Apart from the beauty and the exotic water body, the lake is also home to various species of flora and fauna. Set yourself free within nature and enjoy viewing the wetland birds and other species.

Also known by the name Palak Dil, this lake is the largest natural lake in Mizoram. It is situated near the Phura village 391 km south of Aizawl. Palak Lake covers about 1 square km area. Overall, it is a nice tourist attraction in Mizoram.

History of Palak Lake

Many legends have been associated with the origin of Palak Lake. According to one of the legends, it was believed that before the lake, there used to be a big village here. And in this village, a phenomenally huge serpent used to reside who occasionally stole livestock of the villagers. 

It was when the serpent started stealing the children of the villagers, they decided to end him for good. For this, they used a large fish as bait. Their plan seemed successful and they were able to kill the snake and ate its meat for dinner as a part of their victory. 

However, on the night itself, it is said that strange things began to happen. A widow also used to live in the village with her two children. As the legend goes, she got the snake’s head as a part of the celebration. And when the family was about to eat the head, they found that the snake’s eyes were still blinking. In utter horror, she threw the whole utensil along with the snake’s head in it out of the house. 

Sometime later, she heard strange noises and when she ran out of the house to see what had happened, she saw her doorsteps flooded with water. Seeing this, she ran away with the children for protection. The rising water submerged the whole village killing all the villagers in their sleep and formed a lake which came to be known as Palak Lake or Palak Dil.

Top Attractions Near Palak Lake

1. Palak Wildlife Sanctuary

Here you will be finding an amazing variety of flora and fauna. This place lies about 130 km from the south-west of the town of Saiha where you get to explore an exquisite variety of wildlife. 

2. Ngengpui Wildlife Sanctuary

There are many other options to discover nearby Palak Lake. For example, the Ngengpui Wildlife Sanctuary is one such tourist attraction that cannot be missed due to its dazzling natural beauty. Here, you will get to explore some of the most scenic views of the forest.

3. Evangelical Church of Maraland

This church has a very spiritual feel to it. Visiting this place you will notice that there are many other tourists just like you who are quite eager to explore this place. If you visit Palak lake, then giving a visit to this tourist place will act as a cherry on the top.

Best Time to Visit Palak Lake

The best time to visit Palak Lake is from September to March. During this time, you would be finding a lot of tourists gathering here. The ideal weather conditions help you explore the place with a certain comfort.

How to Reach Palak Lake

By Air

The nearest airport is Lengpui Airport, Aizawl. It is located at a distance of around 380 km from Palak Lake, Aizawl. After deboarding at the airport, you will need to cover the remaining distance by some means of public transport like a cab.

By Train

The nearest railway station is located in Silchar and is around 185 kilometers away. So, you will have to accordingly take a taxi or a bus after deboarding at the station to reach your destination.

By Road

You can also plan a road trip to Palak Lake, Mizoram if residing in the nearby areas. You can plan to travel via your own vehicle or you can book a bus. 

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