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Observed on the seventh day of the month of Vaisakha, Garia Puja, also known as Goria Puja, is a religious festival of Tripura celebrated with great fervour among the locals. It continues for a period of seven days, last day being the most important one which is also a state holiday in Tripura. 

On this occasion, Lord Garia - the deity of livestock and wealth is worshipped using flowers and garlands. The ingredients used in the rituals of the puja include cotton thread, rice, eggs, pots, fowl chick, rice beer, and wine. 

People worship the Lord with great devotion as he is considered to be the deity of things related to household, so in order to please him, the devotees perform all ceremonial rituals with great focus and purity in their hearts.

As per the rituals of the puja, a fowl is sacrificed before the deity and its blood is spilt and scattered before the lord to appease him and seek his blessings. Garia Puja 2020 will be observed from 21st April.

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Major Attractions of Garia Puja

1. Lord Garia - The Creator of the Universe. Lord Garia is Lord Shiva himself. He is considered as the creator of the universe, the lord of time, the lord of all other worldly beings. Thus he is worshipped all across the world in different forms and in different ways. Garia Puja worships him in the form of Lord Garia. Apart from the religious rituals and ceremonial acts, Garia Puja has many other elements worth experiencing. 

2. Goria Dance. This particular dance form has some 108 mudras which have been stated by the famous Smt.Padmini Chakrabarty. However, many of them are not known in the present and have been forgotten due to time and other cultural factors. This dance commences from the very first day of Goria Puja. 

As per the local tradition, young adult boys and girls in each and every village form a group and go around dancing from house to house covering every home. After doing so in their village, they head towards other villages and this process continues for a period of seven days. These groups also carry a symbol of Lord Garia (a long decorated bamboo pole symbolically depicting the lord) along, placing it in the middle of the courtyards of the house, chanting religious hymns and songs.

3. Folk Performances and Carnival. After the puja ceremony comes to an end, the people look forward to indulging in the upcoming folk and dance performances. The tribal devotees are the main participants of these events. Apart from these, a magnificent carnival is also held where you can experience the vivid culture of Tripura. The children can be seen playing the drums with great enthusiasm and a constant smile on their faces.

How to Reach

Agartala is the capital city of Tripura and is known for many reasons, one of them being the celebration of Garia Puja. Agartala, Tripura is situated at an approximate distance of 2,465, 1,517, 2,169, 1,422 km from Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru and Mumbai respectively. Here is how you can reach here by the following means of transportation.

By Air.  Deboard at the Agartala Airport, if planning to travel via air. The airport has overall good connectivity with other Indian cities and states. From there, you will need to hire some means of public transportation like a cab or an auto to reach your respective destination. 

By Rail. If you are planning a trip via train, then you will need to get off at the Agartala Railway Station. It has fairly good connectivity with other Indian cities. From there, you can easily hire a cab or a local auto to reach your destination.

By Road. Travelling via road gives you the advantage of travelling at your own pace. Especially, if you are travelling in your own car. Otherwise, if residing in nearby regions, you can choose to travel here by various means. For this, you can hire a cab or book a private bus online. 

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    21 April 2020 - 27 April 2020

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