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Are you still wanting to know about that one place which will strike you the core? Trust me you have unlocked it. It is Dumboor lake which is one of the most popular travel destinations of Tripura. It opens up to let you roam around 48 islands and also the hydel project. With numerous migratory birds and a reservoir of fishes, this place will give you the most from nature.

It is a beautiful place to spend your time away from the hustle bustle life of the city. Dumboor, Tripura, a place where you can visit on a weekend with your family and friends and have a day out. It is probably one of the best places to go on a picnic in Agartala which is the capital city of Tripura. You can easily reach here via road as there are many travel options available from the city.

Top attractions around Dumboor Lake

Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary

The Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary is a wildlife sanctuary which specifically covers an area of around 389.54 sq km. It is basically a place to discover many animals such as elephants, buffaloes, yapping deer, sarow etc.  

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Debtamura Hills

This hill range is located in the South Tripura district of Tripura, India. This place is known for its archaeological site of the rock sculptures which is a panel of carved images which are located on the Gomati river banks. Moreover, what is really interesting to know is the fact that these images are reported as the revival of the Brahmanism during the 15/16th century.     

Neermahal, Tripura

The word “Neermahal” literally means water palace. This is a former royal palace which was built by Bir Bikram Kishore in the middle of the lake Rudrasagar in the year of 1930 and it took around 8 years to complete this palace. Furthermore, this palace is the largest of its kind and only one in all of Eastern India.

Things to do in Dumboor Lakes

  • You can visit Agartala which is also the capital city of Tripura and is known for its amazingly diverse culture.
  • Visit Jagannath Temple which carries a tremendous spiritual vibe and attracts a great number of devotees on an annual basis.
  • Ujjyanta Palace is one such place which is just too phenomenal to visit, explore and experience in all its immensity.  

Best time to visit Dumboor Lakes

This place is open from 10am-6pm on a daily basis. However, you can practically visit this place any time of the year as mostly the temperature of this place is quite pleasant to experience.

How to reach Dumboor Lakes?

By Air - The nearest airport is located in Agartala and from there you would need to get a cab or some other means of transportation.

By Road - The connectivity via road is also quite good. So, if you are planning to visit Dumboor Lake via road then it would be a convenient experience for you.

By Train - The nearest railway station is located in Ambassa and is situated at a distance of 75 km Gandacherra. From there, you would need to either get a cab or some other means of transportation to reach your destination.

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