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All nature lovers out there, we have found just the kind of travel getaway you would like to explore! Dawki town is where you need to head if you are curious to explore something unique. The town is located at the border of India and Bangladesh and is known for the cleanest water you will perhaps ever see. The Jaintia hills are also home to the Umngot river which is splendid to view from here.

There is no such specific time to visit Dawki town. On the contrary, you can visit this place just about any time of the year. However, the winter season is considered a good time to visit here. The winter season is not too cold and the lack of rainfall makes it one of the pleasant places to visit in Meghalaya.

Major Attractions in and Around Dawki Town

1. Byrdaw Falls

It is one of the most amazing tourist destinations to explore in a lifetime. The exuding charm of this amazing place is something to cherish with the people you love, together. The gushing waters make an unforgettable scene in front of you that is worth cherishing for life.

2. Dawki River

The Dawki River is quite awe-inspiring due to its natural beauty. The lush surroundings, the greenery, and the cold water of the river, as well as the beautiful suspension bridge crossing over the river, make it be simply a must-visit tourist destination.

3. Jingmaham Living Root Bridge

The beauty of this bridge will take your breath away and is enough to swipe you off your feet. Any person visiting this place will be compelled to contemplate how such a wonder of nature could have worked out by men?

4. Mawlynnong Village

The Mawlynnong Village is located in the East Khasi Hills district of the Meghalaya state in North East India. This place is particularly notable for its cleanliness. If you ever visit Dawki Town then you should consider a trip to this village. The serene atmosphere and peaceful sky will simply make you quite excited.

5. Bophill Falls

The beauty of these waterfalls is simply a delight to watch. The gushing power with which you see the water falling from that height is simply amazing. This creates a scenic backdrop that is too enchanting to experience for anyone.

How to Reach Dawki Town

By Air

The nearest airports are Shillong Airport with a distance of 107 km and Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport, Guwahati at a distance of around 200 km from the town. So, after you deboard at the airport, you will need to cover the remaining distance by some means of public transportation. 

By Train

If you want to visit Dawki town by train then the nearest rail station is situated in Guwahati at 173 km. After deboarding the train, you will have to cover the remaining distance by some means of public transportation. 

By Road

The connectivity via road is also quite good. So, you can consider visiting this place by road if convenient or if not then you can take a bus.

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