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Jaintia Hills is located in the state of Meghalaya bordered on the North and East by the state of Assam. This place is full of majestic mountains which are comprised of the natural vegetation as well as mineral deposits. It’s a very small district and undoubtedly it amazes the tourists because of the presence of various pristine lakes and lush greenery. These hills are divided into two different districts: East Jaintia Hills and West Jaintia Hills.

Places to visit in Jaintia Hills

Borghat Temple

Located in the Borghat village, the Borghat temple is one of a kind tourist attraction to visit and experience. It was in quite a great shape until 1880. However, after that owing to an earthquake it now stands in a crushed state. But, still, you can see a lot of visitors trodding this place for religious purposes.


Dawki is a small yet attractive town which is situated in Jaintia Hills. This town is particularly used for the transportation of coal from India to Bangladesh. Undoubtedly, this is quite a magical destination for travellers and tourists. Read more...

Lalong Park

The Lalong Park is located at a distance of 8km from Jowai. This splendid park gives you plenty of reasons to visit this park. Moreover, what is really good to know about this tourist spot in Jaintia Hills is the fact that you will see constant renovation here.

Things to do in Jaintia Hills

Visit Balpakram National Park

What is really amazing to know about this place is the fact that this place is also known to be an “abode of souls”. All the more a reason to visit this place, isn’t it so? And not just that this place is also quite full of mythological associations and that is again one of the reasons regarding which you should be visiting this place.

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Nokrek National Park

If you want to visit someplace amazing then the Nokrek National Park is the kind of place which you must visit with your loved ones and consider travelling to. What is quite interesting to know is the fact that UNESCO too added this place to its list of Biosphere reserves.

Nartiang Monoliths

The Jaintia Hills are home to Nartiang Monoliths which are located at a distance of around 63km east side of Shillong. Here, you get the chance to visit a very thought evoking a complex of the monoliths.

Events and festivals in and around Jaintia Hills

Autumn Festival

The Autumn Festival is one of the best festivals which you can hope to experience. It is one of those festivals which is particularly celebrated in Shillong. It won’t be wrong to say that it is actually a cultural concoction which reflects who we are as a nation. Read more...

Nongkrem Dance

It is basically a five-day festival which is specifically celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm. It is celebrated as the harvest thanksgiving of the new year. There is even a goat sacrifice. And apart from that one also gets to see the dance of the virgin girls. Read more...

Shad Sukra

The Shad Sukra festival is celebrated before the beginning of the spring. It is basically a time for harvesting season and the men leave their homes in search of jobs but as soon as the growing season of crops arrive all have to come back home for work.

Best time to visit Jaintia Hills

The best months to specifically visit Jaintia Hills is from the months of March to June.

How to reach Jaintia Hills?

By Air – If you want to reach Jaintia Hills by air then the nearest airport is situated in Shillong which is around 60 km away from Jowai and the closest airport is in Guwahati which is around 160 km from Jowai.

By Road – For travelling by road you can hire private taxis or drive there privately.

By Train – The closest railway station is situated in Guwahati which is around 160 km away.

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