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Cherrapunji is a sub-divisional town in the state of Meghalaya. It lies in the East Khasi Hills district. The place is popular as it is often known to be the wettest place on Earth. The town holds the record of the most amount of rainfall in a calendar month in a year which is the highest record of all-time. It is also the traditional capital of Nongkhlaw hima which is a Khasi tribal chieftainship known as Sohra and that is also the former name of the town. Khasi people are native inhabitants of the town which were traced back in between 16th or 18th century. The name Cherrapunji means “Land of Oranges” which was a name tossed by the tourists who once visited the place. The irony faced by the people of Cherrapunji is that despite such heavy rainfall, they face a shortage of drinkable water and have to travel long distances to get water for their living.

Places to visit in Cherrapunji

The Eco Park

Now this is the kind of place which you must visit if you ever happen to travel to Cherrapunji. The popularity of this place is definitely quite immense. Here you can find a great number of orchids which are just a delight to watch.


Nongsawalia is situated around 2 km from the south of Sohra. This enchanting tourists destination is simply one of the most amazing places to visit with your loved ones. Especially visiting this place with your family will give you long and cherishing memories to celebrate.  

Rainbow Falls

Here you will be finding some of the most spell-binding as well as scenic vistas of nature. This is the kind of place which compels you to visit it again and again. Undoubtedly, it is a great travel destination to visit with your family and especially kids.

Things to do in Cherrapunji

Dainthlen Waterfall

What is perhaps the most interesting aspect of this place is the fact that if legends are to be believed then it was in these caves that once an evil snake was killed. The beauty of this scenic view of nature is out and out majestic. Thus giving this tourist spot a visit might be a good option for you.

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Khasi Monoliths

These are located nearby the Mawsmai Falls. These are quite amazing waterfalls having underground mazes as well as passages of old age caves.

Wakaba Falls

Wakaba Falls is also one of the most scenic waterfalls which are located in this area. This place offers an immense beauty of nature. The brilliant vistas are quite great so much that you will be compelled to take some really cool snaps with your family and friends.

Events and festivals in & around Cherrapunji

Autumn Festival

This festival is replete with loads of fun and joy. You can witness and involve yourself in a variety of concerts, gala shows and savour some really amazing food. The main motive behind this festival is to entertain the tourists and promote positive cultural perspective. Read More...

Nongkrem Dance

This is one of the most amazing dance festivals which is a must visit. It is held in the month of November and is held every year. This festival also includes the decapitation of goats which is offered by the subjects to the Syiem Khyrim the administrative head of the particular area. Read More...

The Shad Suk Mynsiem

This festival has been celebrated since the year of 1911. Shad  Suk Mynsiem is can also be considered as a thanksgiving dance which is offered to the god to seek blessings for the coming future as well as the past.

Best time to visit Cherrapunji

The best time to travel to Cherrpunji is from October to May as this the time when the overall temperature is quite cool and pleasant. One main reason is that most of the time this place is bound to receive a heavy amount of rainfall.  

How To Reach Cherrapunji?

By Air - The airport situated in Guwahati is the nearest airport to Cherrapunji and is situated at a distance of around 181 km.  

By Train - The nearest railway station to Cherrapunji is located in Guwahati. It is located at a distance of around 181 km from the main place. And from there you can either take a taxi ora bus.

By Road - You can take buses from the Bara Bazaar which is located in Shillong.

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