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Caves To Visit In Meghalaya

7 Best Caves To Visit In Meghalaya

Meghalaya, a beautiful destination nestled amidst northeastern India's serene and verdant landscape, beckons tourists to come and explore its hidden beauty. Visiting this beautiful State is a visual treat for sore eyes. Nature enthusiasts love losing themselves in its resplendent beauty and feel an inner connection with Mother Nature. Although this beautiful destination is blessed with diverse attractions, its age-old caves draw a lot of tourists from all over the world. Let us explore some of its most popular and deepest caves in Meghalaya and what makes it unique.

Salubrious weather, drizzling rainfall throughout the year, undulating landscape, rolling meadows, verdant forests, cascading waterfalls, and ancient caves are what make Meghalaya a unique tourist destination. The temperature never goes above 28 degrees centigrade, and it is common to experience under zero temperatures in winters. Here are some of the best caves in Meghalaya worth visiting and exploring.

Best Caves To Visit In Meghalaya

  • Krem Mawmluh
  • Krem Dam
  • Krem Lymput
  • Mawsmai Cave
  • Krem Liat Prah
  • Krem Lubon
  • Kotsati – Umlawan Cave System

1. Krem Mawmluh

It is an amazingly picturesque and unique fourth largest cave in the Indian subcontinent, located in Meghalaya. It is located close to Cherrapunji. The entrance to this cave is situated at the base of the eastern flank of Lum Lawbah. Tourists follow the river to look for this opening behind the cement works of Mawmluh Cherra Cements Limited. It is 200 meters downstream and reaches a point where the river goes into hiding and flows beneath the ground. To reach this hidden entrance, the visitors need to wade through the water, which is a surreal experience. It becomes slightly challenging to reach the cave entrance in the dry season as it turns into black quicksand because of the cement works effluents accumulating here. The best way to approach the entrance of the cave is through a parallelly running high-level bypass. It is 10 feet above sea level and has a height of 4503 m. 

  • What to see - Calcite formations, many passages, waist-deep pools, massive caverns, and diverse geographical features.
  • Timings - The cave can be explored between 7:30 AM to 4 PM.
  • Entry - Free

2. Krem Dam

Krem Dam is another unique cave that is a must-see when visiting Meghalaya. It is located at the base of a huge blind alley approximately 1 km east of Mawsynram village. The entrance is truly spectacular and unusual. It is 30 m in width, and upon entering the cave, the visitors come across a large stream that flows down the valley. The unique aspect of this cave is its coarse calcareous grained facies that resembles sandstone a lot. One huge river passage through the cave ends in a roof collapse where daylight is visible. Oxbows and side pass form a complex labyrinth to the main side passage. However, no significant calcite formations can be seen in the cave. When visiting the cavern, enjoy the beach-like look outside the cave mouth and the river stream flowing by.

  • What to see - Complex maze of small passages, small waterfalls, beach-like look, and the river stream passing through the cave.
  • Timings - The cave can be explored from early morning to early evening.
  • Entry - Free

3. Krem Lymput

It is another one of the many interesting and awe-inspiring caves of Meghalaya. It is located approximately 6 kilometers away from Nonjri village. Enjoy the spectacular views spread around while visiting the cave, which is 6641 m long. Its entry is quite inconspicuous and is partially hidden behind the boulders covered with dense forests. The cave reveals its entrance when a cool breeze removes the thicket and gives this beautiful cave a view. Its 1-kilometer long main trunk passage from the entrance takes you through the westward ceiling and inclined walls, known as "Way to Heaven." The accent is fairly slippery and loose; thus, the visitors need to be very careful. Check out huge galleries that showcase rich calcite formations. The major attraction Mughal Room is worth exploring.

  • What to see - Calcite formations, Mughal Room, Way to Heaven, trunk passage, and more.
  • Timings - The cave can be explored between early morning and early evening.
  • Entry - Free

4. Mawsmai Cave

It is another stunning ancient cave located approximately 6 km away from the Sohra market in Mawsmai village, in the vicinity of the Bangladesh border. The path to this cave takes the travelers through verdant grasslands enveloped by forests close to the village crossing. It culminates in a clearing. The jungle has a concrete path that takes the visitors to the main cave entrance through this clearing. It is a fully lighted cave. Thus, there is no need to carry a headlamp, unlike other caves in Meghalaya. Bifurcated into two parts, the cave has an old and a new portion, where the latter has chambers formations and imposed large passages.

  • What to see - Chamber formations, imposed large passages, stalagmites, and stalactites, unique flora and fauna.
  • Timings - The cave can be explored between early morning and early evening.
  • Entry - Free

5. Krem Liat Prah