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Forever Love For Shillong

No! Not Scotland. It’s Our Shillong And Will Be “The Only One”

While She was in the midst of her trip, she didn’t look at other names in her itinerary and of course, she ignored the Shillong as many say it’s “The Scotland of The East” and so what’s its own? She felt. But, then, she took a little time to think and come to a decisive end and thought-forget what others say and why not give a chance to Shillong. After all, it’s our Shillong, something must be different than other natural habitats of the world, right? She sighed and happily headed to Shillong. After spending 2 days in Shillong, she explained the Shillong this way:

Yay! The view of Shillong from Shillong Peak

The beautiful Shillong looks even more beautiful when you watch give a thorough view from the Shillong Peak. though the elevation is measured in huge big numbers like something 6449ft, it owes to be the best place to view Shillong as a whole. A painter can think of it as his ideal portray, a couple intervenes in love can come with unforgettable memories, a nature lover will definitely not stop praising this “piece of art’ from nature.

That tranquil sound of falls at Elephant Falls