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Level up your adventure game with these thrilling activities in India

Adventure is a personal choice and the amount of adventure one is willing to have, also varies from person to person. For some, jumping in a swimming pool can be a big adventure and for some sky is the limit. Today we are looking for people more into the latter type of adventure. People who are daring to try everything, people who never think twice before doing, people who are crazy. Yes, we are talking about you insane travelers. To be honest, life is not a package tour where you will be guided and directed everywhere, it is more like an adventure which is unpredictable, risky, and has no limitations. With the same thought, we have come up with some thrilling adventure activities in India which will calm down your hunger for madness.

1. Scuba Diving, Andaman

Water is not that innocent as it seems. It is quite daring to breathe underwater, enjoying is a whole different topic. But diving in the sea of Andaman is a lifetime experience that one can have. Imagine the marine life around you with scorpion fishes, octopuses, sharks and more and there you are diving in between them making way for yourself. The deep clean blue waters will stun you completely.

2. Caving, Meghalaya

Have you ever been to a cave? How about living in them? Very few people opt for such adventures and exploring the caves of Meghalaya are worth your time and life. Seeing every bit of the mountains, waterfalls and dark caves is a fun-filled activity to do. Go with a group of friends and try to find some treasures in the Khasi and Jaintia hills which have some dramatic caves. You never know if you can get lucky and find some hidden gold inside.

3. Skiing, Gulmarg

Gulmarg is like a pro destination for skiing. The ski hill of Gulmarg in Jammu and Kashmir is probably the most enthralling experiences for a person who has a compulsive desire for excitement and adventure. You can reach there by Gandolas and enjoy the activity from its summit. Don’t break your bones if you are not an expert ski rider.

4. Hot Air Ballooning, Jaipur

A safe but extremely exciting adventure is riding in a hot air balloon in the sky of the Pink city. The irresistible feeling of floating along with the winds and capturing the airline view of the city is satisfying to the soul. Just capture the colors of the city in your eyes and watch the hidden places from up there. You will surely love it.

5. Paragliding, Bir-Billing

No adventure junkie can say no to paragliding, can you? It is like the biggest achievements in the life of an adventure wanderer to fly in the air once. The Palampur district is one of the safest places for paragliding and gives a memory for life. The few minutes you get to talk to winds, see the world beneath you are priceless. Till the time you come back down, you feel on the top of the world and that will stay with you for lifelong.

There are many ways to look upon to life, many perceptions, many theories and one of that is to see it as an adventure and make the most of it. The above-mentioned are just a few of the numerous adventures one can do in life because ultimately one who likes adventures is definitely going to find something or the other because they are worthwhile.

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--- Published By  Deepti Gupta