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Travel Bucket List For India

A to-do travel bucket list for India. Experience it all!

Travel is a serious business, my friend. If you think it does not need any checklist like most of the things in our lives to do, you are not right. You are not wrong either. It’s just that a bucket list makes it slightly easier for people to achieve their goals and travel is a goal for millions like me. 

Okay. I won’t say there is any hard and fast rule to follow a list while you travel but if you have some places, things and situations are written down which you wish to explore, the chances of exploring all they become higher.

Now, India is a travel destination for many including people living in India itself, so here is a quick list of things I have experienced in India and would want more people to do the same.

A Travel Bucket List For India

1. Mumbai Local

I am not sure where to start from exactly but maybe the Bollywood city of Mumbai would be an ideal start. Well, India is full of experiences and that too there are varieties in them. From luxury to ‘desi’, I wanted to taste everything and so should you. 

Most people picture India as poor and crowded, certainly, that’s one part of India but it has its own beauty like the Mumbai locals. Yes, the local trains where you can see people sitting on top and hanging from the sides. It is risky, and people keep falling but it is one of the most amusing experiences. One will lose his breath but that’s how people travel without complaining.

2. Holi celebration 

Festivals are the heart and soul of India. There is no way a trip can be well concluded without witnessing the flavor of the culture and traditions of the nation. The fun and cheer of festivals like Holi are worth being a part of. 

It is important to enjoy the real taste and magic of Holi in the villages with local people rather than a private party. I recommend visiting the celebration in Mathura or Vrindavan where the magic is just crazy. Their people play ‘Lathmaar Holi’ and tourists come from all over the nation to dip in the colors of that magic once in their life.

3. Camel Ride

Rajasthan, the royal and regal state of India has so much to explore but when you are there, a camel ride has to be on your list. The sands of Rajasthan will leave an impression in your heart and riding on a camel in those sands is beyond fun. Don’t forget a glass of Lassi before the ride, it’s gonna be dead hot.

4. Local Thalis 

Food is something we cannot leave behind, I can’t at least and so try different cuisines and specialties of every city and culture was an add-on for me. Try local ‘thalis’ of the places you visit which has everything on your plate that your taste bud needs.

5. Learn dance forms

Are you up for dancing? Indian folk dances are so significant and difficult at the same time. But trust me, it is very exciting to learn a bit from the locals or the trained ones just to try out some moves. Take a class or two of Bollywood dance form which is open for your version.

6. Khajuraho temple

India, the Kamasutra land is the same place where talking about sex is taboo but still, you can experience the history of Kamasutra and more in the Khajuraho temple in Madhya Pradesh which is a UNESCO world heritage.

7. Try Farming 

If you want to try your hand in farming then Auroville is the right place for you. Live amidst the beauty of nature and observe the hippie and secluded culture of the place. It is hardly connected to the rest of the nation and has its own rules and currency.

8. Goa Trance

Do not feel disappointed in case you are a party person and have not found anything of your relevance in this list. Goa is a party hub and ‘Goa Trance’ is very famous amongst everyone. Grab a bear, dance around, and enjoy.

9. Kumbh Mela

You have to be really fortunate to be able to attend the Kumbh Mela which I couldn’t. It happens once in three years and that too at different locations. You will see naked Sadhus dipping the holy waters, men painted in blue like Lord Shiva, or people covered in ashes. It’s totally different but soothing at the same time.

10. Trek & Surf

Take out some time to trek in Spiti Valley, Valley of Flowers, Sandakphu Peak, surf in Pondicherry, Varkala too, and live the most of your trip.

The list could have been pages long I swear but it is impractical to do everything at once. These are some things and experiences which I find extremely fascinating in India. A nation’s culture resides in the hearts of its people and thus hospitality and love of people residing here are the biggest delights one has to experience. 

No matter you are in which part of the country, you will find such amazing and loving people who will ultimately make you fall in love with the place.

--- Published By  Deepti Gupta

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