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Interesting Villages Of India

These weird but interesting villages of India will amaze you to the core

Did you just say that villages are dull and boring? That means you haven’t seen the villages of India. They have got such stories, culture and beliefs which have the power to influence anyone and everyone visiting them once. I can bet you did not know about the real exciting villages of India. Actually, true India resides in the villages and a person cannot deny this if he has even been to one of them. Notwithstanding the fact that every place has got its own story, but these stories are meant to be shared. Continue reading to know about the most bizarre villages of a vast land like India.

1. Bhadrapur village, Karnataka

The village is known for people having names in common nouns if you know what it means. Imagine your friend or family member having a name like Google, Supreme Court etc. It is funny right; this village doesn’t find it funny though. So, this time if you have to name any kid, follow in the footsteps of this village.

2. Shiv Nagar Village or Snapdeal.com Nagar Village, Muzzafarnagar

Have you been to Snapdeal.com Nagar village? No no. I have not lost it. Shiv Nagar of Muzzafarnagar was named Snapdeal.com Nagar after Snapdeal installed 15 handpumps in the village so that people could have more access to water and does not suffer because of its scarcity. On a lighter note, the name of the village is quite unusual.

3. Hiware Bazar, Maharashtra

If you think all villages are poor then visit this village in Maharashtra known as Hiware Bazar which has about 60 millionaires in the place. It is also a village free from poverty and it is rare. The people here are investing in harvesting rainwater and addictive things are banned here which is one of the reasons for such good wealth.

4. Shetphal Village, Maharashtra

Listen all you people, in case you are planning to build a house in Shetphal village of Maharashtra then make sure you leave space in your house for Cobras to come and rest there. Do not get shocked because cobras in the houses of this village roam around freely and people are habitual of that. In fact, till date, there has been no report of any snakebite case which is strange but true.

5. Kodinhi Village, Kerala

This village has been a record of having highest rate identical twin births. Well, no one is able to explain why this particular village has so many twin births, but it is really intriguing for everyone. Approximately, 45 out of 1000 births here are twin births which is almost 700% higher than the average in the world.

6. Shani Shignapur, Maharashtra

A village with no doors. That’s right. It is surprising to know that none of the houses in this village has doors in it. People live without any lock or key in their houses, leaving all valuable stuff in open without any fear of losing it. The blind faith of the people of this village on each other that the valuable stuff will never go missing is something the world has to learn.

7. Dharani, Bihar

Where having solar power in cities is still a talk of the future, this village in Bihar has it for last 30 years. It is a completely solar powered village with access to electricity 24 hours and no power-cut ever. It is the only solar-powered village in India.

Bottom Line

These villages would have left you spellbound that am sure of. It is so interesting to know that there is so much in the nation that is still not known to many and people look out of India to get to know unusual information. It is time to turn the clock and look for some amusing things and stories in the villages of India. The notion is now split into pieces that the villages of India have not got any fascinating facts and stories and people have a door opening to irresistible fun and weird places of India which will make your way to a better trip and experience.  

--- Published By  Deepti Gupta

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