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Beautiful Train Routes In India

5 The Most Beautiful Train Routes In India

In the era of flights and cars, those tracks still make me nostalgic. The long, never-ending tracks parallel to our lives continuously tries to remind us that there are places we have to go, there are people we have to meet, and there are situations we have to experience. 

Whenever a train passes by, there is always thought and memory hitting us, the memory of our childhood, the memory of family vacations, the memory of peeping outside the windows to the magnificent views, oh those memories. 

5 Best Train Routes in India

Inspired by those old memories and with determination to create new ones, below are some spectacular train routes in India that you just shouldn’t miss. Check them out!

1. Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling

If you still have the same picture of trains especially Indian railways in your mind where there is crowd, dirt, and not so flattering sights then you haven’t been to this route from Jalpaiguri of West Bengal to Darjeeling one of the most exotic locations in India.

This train track was laid in the British era but still is the most exciting thing one can do in Darjeeling. This narrow-gauge line lets you discover the beauty of the Batasia loop, Hill cart road, markets, waterfalls, mountains, and the list goes on.

2. Konkan Railway, Ratnagiri to Mangalore

This train passes through three states of India namely Maharashtra, Goa, and Karnataka covering mainly the coastal regions of the Arabian Sea and the Sahyadri Hills. It runs from Ratnagiri to Mangalore via Madgaon and Honnavar breaking into the untouched beauty of nature. It is an engineering wonder and is a single-line track passing through waterfalls, bridges, and valleys all around.

3. Sethu Express, Chennai to Rameswaram

Beauty and heaven are here amidst the sea between Chennai and Rameswaram. It is one of the most beautiful train journeys and also one of the most traveled ones as Rameswaram is one of the ‘Char Dhams’ and is a holy place for Hindu devotees. The train link between both destinations will give you a jaw-dropping experience. It crosses the sea from the middle over the narrow bridge Pamban having water on all sides.

4. Kashmir Railway, Jammu to Udhampur

Talking about beautiful train journeys and routes, we just can’t miss one taking to Kashmir. Snow-covered mountains and peaks are just, to begin with, the beauty that falls in this route. Crossing spell bounding terrains and Shivalik ranges, this train gives you some amazing pictorial visions. The thrilling track of the train will take you through 20 tunnels, some 158 bridges, and some edges of the mountains for you to miss a heartbeat. You will not know until you go.

5. Nilgiri Mountain Railway, Udhagamandalam to Coonoor

The tracks laid during the British era are really promising I must say. This route is small as compared to other train tracks but definitely one of the most divine trains to be in. In a short distance of about 26 km, this trail takes you through the unimaginable beauty of Ooty through hundreds of curves and about 16 tunnels. The attractions that you see from the train will take you to another world, my friend.

It is sad to see that we are all bound in time limits now, we want to reach places in the minimum time possible no matter if it is on the cost of the sights and experiences in between the journey. In the hope of getting more from life in a lesser amount of time, we are actually leaving behind real beauty and magic. The train routes mentioned above have this agenda to revive that magic for you. Rest is your call.

--- Published By  Deepti Gupta

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