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Spiti Valley: A Nice Blend of Crisp Blue Skies and Wonderful Landscapes

It is extremely hard to believe that our nation is full of awe places that are still unexplored like this breathtaking valley in the heart of Himachal. Spiti Valley better known as the cold desert mountain valley of India is like a gateway to heaven. Just imagine opening up to a barren landscape with spots of green here and there and small mud houses sprinkled across it. As you move ahead you see the change of hues which are moving along with you in the valley giving you utmost satisfaction if you are seeking solace. The word ‘Spiti’ means ‘The Middle Land’ and so it is, a middle land between Tibet and India and one of the least inhabited places on Earth.

A trip to Spiti valley can probably expose you to a different side of travel, a more fearless and daring side which will revive you from within and breathe new life into you. This place located at an altitude of 14, 931 ft. is a challenge in itself and a very few people are up for it. Are you one of them? Earlier Leh-Ladakh used to be people’s first preference when it came to adventure or trekking or bike riding but then the place became hustled too. Now adventure seekers are wanting new and untouched places to explore and Spiti is becoming the new favorite. This remote village at the Indo-Tibet border in Himachal is a paradise for trekkers. The snow-capped isolated Himalayan valley lures the travelers. The enriching Buddhist spark and culture of this valley is highly captivating.

How to reach Spiti Valley?

There are mainly two ways to reach the valley namely to Kaza which is the endpoint or the headquarters to Spiti. You can either go via Shimla or Manali and the difference is hardly important. There is just a difference of 20 Km between both the routes and that is not bothering enough. The main concern is the journey and ease. Where some people prefer travelling from Shimla covering Kinnaur, Kaza and ending at Manali while the others do it vice-versa. Maximum people prefer it from Manali since after reaching Manali, the trip is 75% complete and one needs to just cover some 200 km to reach the valley. Where on the other hand, starting the journey from Shimla can be exhausting because Kaza is around 400 km from Shimla. It is recommended to spend a night in Shimla or Manali for a relaxing vacation and embracing as much beauty as possible.

The roads are uncertain to be precise, as soon as you turn for Spiti after the Rohtang pass which continues towards Leh, the conditions of roads are bad because of the flowing waterfalls. A bike ride from Manali is the most preferred option to travel and is undoubtedly much more adventurous because you get to live the scenery around.

Subsequently, Spiti valley is no less than a living museum. Anywhere you turn, there are art and beauty blessed by Almighty. The poetry of Earth is never dead, and you will abide by these words once you step into the landscape of Spiti. Remember that in every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks and that is what this ‘Little Tibet’ is like. It is known as the ‘Land of the Lamas’ because of the influence of Buddhist art and culture which is soothing to the minds and the hearts. The Tabo Monastery situated here is acknowledged by UNESCO World Heritage Site for just the right reasons. What else can one ask for? It has bliss, it has craze, it has radiance, it has glory, it is a flawless wonderland. What are you waiting for? The mountains are calling, and you must go.

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--- Published By  Deepti Gupta