10 Famous Food Of Different States In India That You Should Demolish

George Bernard Shaw once said, “There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” And if you live in India or exploring the country, then you have loads of opportunities to satiate this love. That's because the variety of famous food of different states in India has to offer is simply mind-boggling. From the richest and spiciest of dishes to the most humble preparations, each state has something amazing to offer.

10 Famous Food Of Different States Of India

Here are the most famous dishes from different states in India that you should demolish at least once in your life.

1. Andhra Pradesh

Food of Andhra Pradesh

The cuisine of Andhra Pradesh comprises both non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes. The favorite dish is rice as the state is also regarded as the “rice bowl of India“. the food here is served on a leaf of the banana tree. The main ingredients are tamarind, tomatoes, curry leaves, and mustard seeds.

Some of the famous food of Andhra Pradesh are Idly, Pesarattu, Upma, curd rice, Dosa and sambar, and various curries. Seafood is very common in the coastal area, where fish and prawns are cooked with coconut and sesame oil. The curry is a mix of Mughlai Cuisine, any curry that goes with rice, and a lot of pickles.

2. Assam

Food of Assam

The food of Assam has a very distinct flavor due to the use of choicest ingredients, herbs, fresh fruits, and vegetables and because the people of this state cook their food using earthenware. Rice is their staple food along with fish curry, chicken, pigeon meat, duck meat, pork, lentils, and vegetables. In Assam, spices aren’t used as much as compared to other states. 

The main dish of Assamese cuisine is Khaar, made from taro, raw papaya, pulses, vegetables, fish, and other main ingredients. It is an alkaline extract from burnt banana peels that is filtered with water. Khar is useful in making different types of dishes like papaya curry, fish curry, meat curry & other types of vegetable dishes.

3. Chhattisgarh

Food of Chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh is located at the center of India so you will get an amalgamation of both north and south Indian cuisines. Wheat, maize, and Jowar constitute the main diet of Chhattisgarh. It is also called as “Rice Bowl of India” as rice is eaten in abundance here. The most used lentil is Arhar Dal.

Some of the popular foods of Chhattisgarh are Cheela, Muthiya, Chousela roti, Angakar roti, Iddhar, and Bore Baasi.

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4. Goa

Food of Goa

Goa is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. Goan food is heavily influenced by Portuguese food and is mostly coconut-based, sea-food cuisine.

Goa is set along with the coastal belt hence, chicken and fish-based dishes are prominently used. Seafood lovers can choose from a wide variety of prawns, mussels, mackerel, tuna crabs, lobsters, and salmon dishes.

Fish Curry, is one of the most popular dishes of Goa which is prepared by marinating the fish and then cooking it with many spices and tamarind puree. A dish you will absolutely love on your tastebuds.

5. Jammu & Kashmir

Food of Jammu & Kashmir

The local customs and climate play an important part in Jammu & Kashmir’s cuisine. Kashmiri food consists of many dishes made from meat. The main food of the northern-most region is rice with turnips and mutton, spinach and chicken, fish, and lotus root.

Some of the most famous food of Jammu & Kashmir are Shab Deg, Goshtaba, Lyodur Tschaman, Dum Aloo, Aab Gosht, Mujh Gaad, and Matschgand.

Rogan Josh is probably the most popular dish of Jammu & Kashmir. It is a lamb-based dish prepared in a gravy seasoned with Kashmiri chilies, asafoetida, ginger, and bay leaves.

6. Karnataka

Food of Karnataka

Karnataka has both non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes with spicy curries and seafood delicacies.

Kannadiga Oota or a Kannadiga meal includes the following things which are served on a banana leaf: Uppu aka salt, Kosambari, Pickle, Palya, Gojju, Raita, Payasa aka Kheer, Thovve, Chitranna, Anna aka rice, and Tuppa aka ghee.

Dosa is the first dish that comes to mind whenever someone talks about Karnataka. There are several ways of serving a Dosa. Masala dosa is filled with potato and is served with Sambhar and coconut chutney.

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7. Maharashtra

Food of Maharashtra

Maharashtra food or Marathi cuisine is more austere as compared to others as Marathi people use mild spices in dishes. Wheat, rice, Bajri, Jowar, lentils, vegetables, and fruit are dietary staples.

Maharashtrian delicacies are not just lip-smacking but tempting & super delicious. The Marathi food is exquisite. Some of the most famous dishes of Maharasthra are misal pav, Upma, batata vada, Pudachi wadi, Kaju Kothimbir Vadi, Pohe, Sheera, Sabudana khichadi, Thalipeeth, pav bhaji, Buran Poli, and Aamti.

Misal Pav is the most popular food of Maharashtra that can be had any time of the day, the tangy and spicy lentil curry which is prepared with either moth beans or sprouted matki and served with Pav bread.

8. Mizoram

Food of Mizoram

Mizo people love eating rice and mixing it with non-vegetarian ingredients, however, they consume a fair share of veggies in their meals as well. Chicken, pork, fish, and beef are famous meats among Mizos.

The most famous dishes of Mizoram are Bamboo Shoot Fry, Panch Phoran Tarka, Mizo Vawksa, Bai, Koat Pitha, Vawksa Rep, Misa Mach Poora, and Chhum Han.

Misa Mach Poora is a non-vegetarian dish that is prepared with shrimps, coriander, onions, peppercorns, and lime juice and gives a bold and zesty flavor.

9. Rajasthan

Food of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is probably the most colorful state of India, not only in tourism but also in mouth-watering dishes. The scarcity of fresh green vegetables and water has affected Rajasthani cuisine. The authentic Rajasthani dishes can last for several days and can be consumed without heating.

The most popular dishes of Rajasthani food are Bajre ki roti, Lashun ki chutney, Laal Maas, Mirchi Bada, Mohan Maas, Kalakand, Pyaaz Ki Kachori, Gatte, Mawa Kachori, Alwar ka Mawa, Malpauas, Gheriya, Mohan Thaal, and Kadhi.

Dal Baati Churma is the most popular dish of Rajasthan that is famous all over India. It is basically crunchy balls of wheat dipped in ghee along served with spicy daal and sweet Churma.

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10. West Bengal

Food of West Bengal

Bengali cuisine is mainly focused on fish and rice. Since several rivers flow through the state, one can find fish everywhere in Bengal. Fun fact - there are more than forty different types of fish included in Bengali cuisine. 

Some of the most famous Bengali dishes are Aloo Potol Posto, Sandesh, Alur Dom, Luchi, Chholar Dal, Lau Ghonto, Mochar Ghonto, Ilish Macher Jhol, Shukto, Mutton Biryani, Aam Pora Shorbot, Tangra Macher Jhol, Mishti Doi, and Rasgulla.

The simplest curries and the most authentic Bengali dish is Doi Maach. Doi means curd and Maach means fish which tastes best with rice.

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--- Published By  Vineet Gupta