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10 Best Places To Visit In Andhra Pradesh

Considered an important tourism attraction for all kinds of travelers, Andhra Pradesh is a state in South India. Ruled by the art and entertainment-loving Nawabs, Andhra has an abundance of marvels initiated by its past rulers. From the capital city Hyderabad to the coastal region of Visakhapatnam, you can find several places to visit in Andhra Pradesh that are considered to be tourist attractions.

10 Best Tourist Places To Visit In Andhra Pradesh

Here, we will talk about the 10 best tourist places in Andhra Pradesh to make your vacation in the state a memorable one.

  • West Godavari
  • Nalgonda
  • Chittoor
  • Visakhapatnam
  • Adilabad
  • Khammam
  • Medak
  • Nizamabad
  • Warangal
  • Kadapa

1. West Godavari

A temple, built by a saint who underwent penance in an anthill, Dwaraka Tirumala is a popular religious place in West Godavari and Andhra Pradesh tourist places. This temple is also regarded as mini-Tirupati by locals. This district in Andhra Pradesh is also home to an important beach, Perupalem. The river Godavari flows through the district, which remains at its prime beauty throughout the year.

There are several water activities in this region available to keep the adventurers satisfied. Some of the top tourist attractions in West Godavari are Pattisam, Eluru, Polavaram, and Kolleru Lake.

2. Nalgonda

Nalgona district in Andhra Pradesh is known for its popular tourist attractions. A religious place, Yadadri in Nalgonda attracts a huge number of visitors during festivals. The famous Nagarjuna Sagar Dam is located in Nalgonda with many scenic waterfalls and a Buddha museum.

Popular for Buddhist museums and structures, Nandkonda is also situated in this district. Nalgonda has a lot of unique and historically important sculptures spread around the region.

3. Chittoor

A winter destination in Andhra Pradesh, Chittoor receives a large amount of precipitation and the temperature can go down to 16 degrees Celsius in the winter season. This district in the state is surrounded by dense forest. There are not many tourist spots in Chittoor but those who love to spend some time amongst untouched nature will enjoy every second of their holiday in this region. The richest temple in the world, Tirupati Temple is situated in the Chittoor district.

4. Visakhapatnam

Famous for tourist spots like Dolphin nose hill, sandy beaches, ship ports, and refineries, Visakhapatnam is an important district in Andhra Pradesh. Bhumunipatnam is famous for its Buddhist monasteries ruins, which are located just a short drive away from the main city of Visakhapatnam.

Many Dutch-era structures are spread around the region. Andhra’s best-kept secret, Araku Valley is also situated in this district. The valley is a honeymoon destination with lots of waterfalls and hills surrounding the region. 

5. Adilabad

With 50% of the area covered by forest, Adilabad is the second largest district in Andhra Pradesh. With such a vast amount of jungles in the region, it is quite famous for wildlife activities amongst nature lovers. The Godavari River flows through Adilabad, multiplying its beauty even more.

Some of the major attractions in this district include Nirmal Fort, Kuntala Waterfall, Pochera Waterfall, and Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary is home to several wild animals such as long-tailed monkeys, deer, boars, bison, and tiger.

6. Khammam