15 Best Street Food Of India From 15 Different States

Nothing else can give you a better insight into the diversity of India than its cuisine. Each state has its lip-smacking cuisine and street food adorned by the locals. From delectable main-courses to mouthwatering street foods - the options are plenty and very palatable. So hop on to this delicious journey to find the best street food of India from different states. 

15 Best Street Food Of India

Not just the Indians, but the foreign tourists are also mad over the Indian street food. Here is the list of our favorite local delicacies from 15 different states of India that will leave you wanting more.

1. Momos From Delhi

Momos From Delhi

It wouldn’t be wrong if we deem the capital of India, Delhi, as the street food capital of India because you can find people from all the states in Delhi, and with great people comes great food. One such famous street food of India that came with the people of Tibet is Momos. You won’t find any street in Delhi without a momo stall. The Delhiites love the small balls of pure joy so much that they have created a wide variety of momos by adding the twists of masalas and stuffings.

2. Vada Pao From Mumbai

Vada Pao From Mumbai

The Indian version of the burger is every Mumbaikers favorite go-to snack. You can see everyone drooling over Vada Pao, be it a school-going kid or an elite businessman; no one can resist this famous street food of India. Vada Pao is an essential ingredient in Maharashtrian cuisine that heats up your belly, all thanks to the green chilies stuffed inside it. Vada Pao is served with many chutneys but the coriander is the best. When in Mumbai, it is highly recommended that you try the best street food in Mumbai, Vada Pao, at least once. 

3. Puchkas From Bengal

Puchkas From Bengal

You might have heard & tasted the same dish but with different names such as Gol Gappa or Pani Puri, but this street food of India is best served in Bengal and known as Puchkas. Crazily loved by Indian women, Puchkas taste best at stalls in the streets of Bengal. Bless that human being who thought of the crispy balls filled with boiled chickpeas, mashed potatoes, and tamarind chutney, dipped into the coriander water would taste so good. Grab a bowl full of Puchkas from your nearby stall right now if you haven’t already. 

4. Dabeli From Gujarat

Dabeli From Gujarat

Originated from the Kutch region of Gujarat, Dabeli is a snack that Gujaratis love stuffing their mouths with. A whopping 20 lakhs Dabelis are eaten in a day in Kutch. This spicy snack is yet another Indian version of burgers. A special Dabeli masala is used that is mixed with the boiled potatoes. The mix is then served between the Dabeli buns also known as “Ladi pav”. Dabeli is accompanied by many chutneys made from date, coriander, tamarind, garlic, etc making it a worthy mention in the list of best street food of India. Sometimes Dabeli is served with a garnishing of roasted peanuts and pomegranate that will surely make you drool over this street food dish. 

5. Bhalley From Lakhanpur

Bhalley From Lakhanpur

Known to be the entry point of Jammu & Kashmir, Lakhanpur is also prominent for serving the lip-smacking Bhalley. It is a super snack for the locals of Lakhanpur that is worth ordering a plate. Bhalley is one of the Indian chaats that is prepared from the pulses and served with spice and tangy chutneys and with shredded radish. You can see several vendors selling Bhalley on the streets as soon as you enter Lakhanpur. This street food of India oozes out a tangy aroma that will pull you towards itself from miles away. 

6. Akki Roti From Karnataka

Akki Roti From Karnataka

If you see people flocking to the stalls in the street of Karnataka, it’s maybe because they must be selling Akki Roti. This delectable street food of India is a favorite go-to snack for college students and working professionals. Made from rice, Akki Roti can be enjoyed as a morning breakfast or an evening snack with coconut chutney and tea. 

7. Mirchi Bajji From Hyderabad

Mirchi Bajji From Hyderabad

It would be a crime if you confuse Mirchi Bajji with Mirchi Ke Pakode. There is no match for this delish street food of India found in Hyderabad. A bomb of spices served with squeezed lemons and onions, Michi Bajji spills out heaven. When in Hyderabad, make sure you stuff this amazing street food in your belly. 

8. Chholley Bhature From Punjab

Chholley Bhature From Punjab

Yes, you read that right, Chholley Bhature is a dish from the lands of Punjab but don’t be surprised if you find it being served in your hometown. You can find Cholley Bhature in lavish restaurants, but the best versions of this flavorful dish are usually found in the streets. The delicious curry made from chickpeas is eaten with fried bread made from Maida and accompanied by mint chutney, pickles, and salad. Each bite of this super street food of India will take you to a paradise of flavors. We are hungry already! 

9. Tundey Kebab From Lucknow

Tundey Kebab From Lucknow

The exceptionally tasty dish is the brainchild of the man called Haji Murad Ali who had one hand, and hence the name, Tundey. The kebabs are prepared in such a way so that even people with no teeth can also have foodgasms. Soft and utterly delicious Tundey kebabs are a must-have street food of India when you are in Lucknow

10. Kathi Roll From Kolkata

Kathi Roll From Kolkata

The scrumptious roll, filled with delectable veggies and choice of meat, originated from Kolkata. The dish is the perfect balance between crispy and juicy. The crispy outer layer made of maida envelopes all the juicy goodness of this appetizing street food of India. No lavish restaurant can prepare a Kathi Roll, as well as they serve in Park Street of Kolkata. 

11. Pav Bhaji From Maharashtra

Pav Bhaji From Maharashtra

We go back to the streets of Maharashtra because we CANNOT leave the mouthwatering, hot, spicy, and flavorsome Pav Bhaji out from the list of best street food of India. Served with diced onions and squeezed lemons on the side, Pav Bhaji will take you to the promised land full of flavors. Ask for the extra butter because until you get your hands all soaked in the butter, you haven’t had its real taste. 

12. Poha Jalebi From Madhya Pradesh

Poha Jalebi From Madhya Pradesh

The perfect blend of the perfect tastes. Sweet and sour, Poha Jalebi is a street food of India that the people of Madhya Pradesh are crazy about. Poha Jalebi is a heavenly combination of flattened rice mixed with veggies and sugary jalebis. This is something that you will need in your life while exploring the streets of Madhya Pradesh.

13. Bikaneri Kachori From Rajasthan

Bikaneri Kachori From Rajasthan

As the name says, this dish comes from the town of Bikaner but can be found on the streets all over Rajasthan. A crispy ball full of chutney and hot gravy is the superfood to beat the heat of Rajasthan. If you have this street food of India once, you will never miss a chance of having it again. 

14. Aloo Chaat From Uttar Pradesh

Aloo Chaat From Uttar Pradesh

Chunks of crispy potatoes tossed with tangy masala and spicy chutney; this street food of India is a gift above to your taste buds from Uttar Pradesh. Aloo Chaat tastes best with a chilled bottle of coke in the summers and with a hot cup of tea in the winters. Ask to add lemon juice to make it more tangy and tasty. 

15. Idli Sambhar From Chennai

Idli Sambhar From Chennai

Did you think that we won’t include this iconic dish from Chennai on our list of best street food of India? Idli Sambhar is the undisputed king of street foods that win everyone’s heart when they have it for the first time. You can not stop yourself from eating this soft pillow-like dish from the southern end of India and you will find no street in India without at least one Idli Sambhar vendor. 

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--- Published By  Vineet Gupta