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Well-known as the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh is the state in the center of India where tourists can witness a myriad range of marvels from the ancients times. Madhya Pradesh - a renowned Tourist Destination in India comprises a lot of parks, wildlife, and forests because the state is enveloped with trees. Right from rich history to basking in nature, the central state of India is endowed with everything a tourist needs. Bhopal is the capital of Madhya Pradesh and the ideal time to visit this popular state is either during winters from October to March or monsoon from July to September.  

History of Madhya Pradesh

According to archaeologists, the isolated remains of archaic humans suggest that Madhya Pradesh has been inhabited since the Middle Pleistocene age. The evidence of pottery can be found in the Bhimbetka rock shelters that reflect the activities from the Mesolithic period. Then, emerged the Kathya culture and Malwa culture which is still portrayed in Chalcolithic sites present in the western part of the state. Eventually, Ujjain city became the major attraction of the state during the 2nd urbanization of India. The Avanti Kingdom found this city interesting and made it their state capital. The other kingdoms that ruled the different parts of the state include Malava, Dasarna, Nishada, and Karusha. Then came Chandragupta Maurya, typically, the Mauryan dynasty - a highly fascinating dynasty took hold over the Madhya Pradesh regions. When the Mauryan dynasty experienced a decline, the Sakas, the Kushanas, the Satavahanas, and other dynasties contested for the region.


After a series of conquests, the Gupta empire controlled the region around the 4th and 5th centuries along with the Vakatakas and their southern neighbors. Then came the attacks of White Huns which led to the collapse of the Gupta reign. Along with the existence of Paramara reign in Malwa, Chandelas in Bundelkhand, Madhya Pradesh (of present time) experienced the rise of Rajput clans in the state. A few other kingdoms kept on changing for short periods and finally, the Sultanate of Gujarat conquered Malwa in 1531. Then Sher Shah Suri ruled in the 1540s in most of the areas of the state until the Second Battle of Panipat that was held in the year 1556. With this, cards changed and Akbar ensured Mughal rule over the majority of the parts of the state. In 1707, the last powerful ruler of Mughals, Aurangzeb died and the control was almost lost when Marathas acquired the state. After Marathas, the seat of king kept changing where Peshwas, Holkars, Pawars, Bhonsles, and the Scindias. In 1950, the Anglo Maratha War led to the control of the British over the entire region under the princely states of British India. Britishers merged the Saugor and Nerbudda territories with its Nagpur province and counted the whole as central provinces. Then rebellions like Tatya Tope revolted in 1857 which was suppressed by some princely states kings. Finally, India got Independence whose share of credit also goes to the notable sons of Madhya Pradesh including B.R. Ambedkar, Chandra Shekhar Azad, Atal Vihari Bajpyee, and many more. Despite observing many divisions, the state was still left with enough land making it the second-largest state of India. 

Culture of  Madhya Pradesh

Home to three different tribes, Bhil tribe, Oraon tribe, and Gond tribe, Madhya Pradesh elegantly showcases the tribal culture. It is known that the state secures the highest rank in giving shelter to the tribal population. One-third part of the state covers the tribal people and therefore tribal culture is dominating there. The influence of aboriginal people is quite visible in the customs and traditions of Madhya Pradesh.


When it comes to the religious sentiments of the native people, you can count on Sikhism, Buddhism, Christianity, Jainism, and Hinduism. With all this blend of different religious believes,  one thing that is common among the whole populace is their official language that is Hindi. Apart from that, you can find people speaking Malwi, Bundelkhandi, Chhattisgarhi, Sindhi, Urdu, Marathi, and Gujrati language too. Also, the vibrant Mario Gonds of the Bastar region and the chait parah elevate the beauty of its culture. 

Food of  Madhya Pradesh

Now, comes the splendid dishes that Madhya Pradesh people enjoy preparing and serving on the plates of visitors as well as natives. With a small touch of Gujarati and Rajasthani cuisines, wheat can be counted as their staple food that replaced the jowar with time. The usage of wheat and milk is very common here to prepare assorted meals. The dishes of Madhya Pradesh are very unique and it is possible that you not find those dishes someplace else. 

Art and Craft of  Madhya Pradesh

The art and crafts of Madhya Pradesh portray a huge diversity with the showcase of tribal art. The revelation of its rich heritage and culture is quite vivid from different craft activities such as bamboo works, carpet weaving, durries, iron crafting, cane coverings, jute works, metal crafting, stone carving, terracotta, stuffed toys, zari embroidery, textile weaving, paper mache, woodcraft, and whatnot.

If you want to witness the talent of Bhopali people, then you must check the monuments as well as the temples of Madhya Pradesh where you can see the amazing art of stone carving. Also, the statue art of humans and animals is quite effortless to find in Tikamgarh and Jabalpur, while you can find jalli works in the Gwalior region. If you visit the place, make sure you collect some antique goods and artifacts as a remembrance of their talent. 

Things to do in  Madhya Pradesh

Among the numerous tourist attractions in Madhya Pradesh,  we have compiled a list of the best for you. Scroll down to know the activities you can experience during your tour to Madhya Pradesh.

  • Try the river rafting at Orchha
  • Witness the beauty of hot-air ballooning in Pench National Park
  • Explore the wildlife with jungle safaris
  • Buy some exciting things at the Old Bazaar of Jabalpur
  • Savor the taste of street food in Indore

  • Step into the Bharat Bhawan in the city of Bhopal 
  • Enjoy the old age wall paintings at Bhimbetka
  • Be a part of temple groups at Khajuraho and witness the annual cultural festival. 
  • Breeze through the Marble rocks in Bhedaghat
  • Take the blessings of Gods and Goddesses in Ujjain city

Over and all, Madhya Pradesh is an exciting state to visit when you are planning adventurous and cheerful Tours to India. If you feel like knowing more about other places or states, then you can check other pages on our website for the best travel assistance. Reach our doorsteps whenever you get a travel call to book the best hotels and find the best routes.

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