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lokrang festival of madhya pradesh

Lokrang Festival 2024 - Date, History and Major Attractions

Bhopal is the capital city of the ‘Heart of India’, Madhya Pradesh. Bhopal holds the titles like ‘The City of Lakes’, because of many natural and man-made lakes in and around the city, and ‘One of the Greenest Cities’ under its belt. The capital of Madhya Pradesh is also one of the greenest cities of India attracting several tourists from India and other countries all year long.

Being the capital city, Bhopal is the hub for cultural events, fairs, and festivals which showcases the diverse spirit of India. One of the most famous festivals that are celebrated and organized in Bhopal is the five-day-long Lokrang Festival which is just around the corner. This festival attracts tourists, dance connoisseurs, music connoisseurs, and artists from all over the globe.

About Lokrang Festival

Lokrang Festival

It is also deemed as ‘Lokrang Samaroh’ in a local dialect. The word ‘Lokrang’ is an amalgamation of two different words, ‘Lok’ which means people, and ‘Rang’ which means colour. The Lokrang is amongst the most famous fairs and festivals in Madhya Pradesh. The five-day-long spectacular show of folk dance and music commences on the Republic Day of India, 26th January, every year. From teenyboppers to superannuitants, this cultural event has something for everyone’s entertainment.

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Lokrang Festival Madhya Pradesh

This extravagant exhibition of vibrant culture, ancient colourful art forms, and melodious music from every corner of the country and the globe includes eight different events, dedicated to their respectful aptitude making it one of the must-do things to do in Madhya Pradesh. The festival is celebrated for the past 19 years in the constituency of Bhopal. 

Lokrang Festival Dance Show

Since India is a country of many states and each state has its own cultural background, the organizing committee of this festival aims to speculate on each of them. The theme of the festival is decided beforehand, sometimes they showcase the cultural diversity of North-East India, and sometimes they aim to portray the customs of the Western part of the country.

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Top highlights of Lokrang Festival

Acrobats in Lokrang Festival

1. An event known as Ramayni is dedicated to theatrical representations. The main highlight of the event is a performance from the Gond Tribe.

2. An event solely dedicated to promoting the heritage of Indian culture is also organized which is called Dharohar. Dance and music performances from different states of the country are showcased in this event.

3. The folk musicians from Madhya Pradesh flaunt their talent in an event called Lokrag. After all, it’s their festival the world celebrates.

4. The artists from outside of India can show their talents in another affair called Deshantar which is dedicated to foreign artists only.

5. India is filled with art and it is not limited to just dance and music. Handcrafts is a well-celebrated art form in our country and there is a special place for it in this Madhya Pradesh Festival called Aakar which means shapes in English.

6. How can a festival be celebrated without our tiny toddlers? An event called Ullas is arranged by the organizing committee just for the kids attending this festival.

7. Can you imagine an Indian festival without mouth-watering food? No, right? A flavourful event goes on for all five days of this festival where you can enjoy the delicacies and cuisines from every corner of the country. The name of this event is Swad, just like the food served here.

8. There is also an event for book lovers which is known as Lokwarta. If you like the smell of old books and Indian literature then you should be here. This event exhibits the vibrant culture, art, and old literature of India.

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The Idea Behind Lokrang Festival

Lokrang Festival performance

After the 200 years long British rule and globalization, the cultural significance of India slowly began to dissipate from its genomes and the people started to incline more towards the western culture. This transformation of culture amongst people resulted in the disappearance of the Indian way of life. That’s why the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board decided to begin a five-day celebration of ancient culture, dance, music, and art. This helped many little know tribes, villages, and artists to make their lives better. Most of the cultural mores that are performed and showcased in this festival were on the doorsill of extinction and the organizing committees do their best to revive them. 

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How to reach?

Lokrang Festival Traditional Performance

The festival is held in the New Market area of Bhopal city which is the most happening place in the city and is one of the best places to visit in Madhya Pradesh. 

If you wish to attend this festival you can catch a flight to Bhopal. The nearest airport to the city is Raja Bhoj airport which is only 15 kilometers away from the main city. You can cover the remaining distance via private taxis easily available at the airport. And if you like the scenic views from a train’s coach, you can arrive via train. The city has its own dedicated railway station near the area called Hamidia road which is well connected to all the cities. 

RedList of Famous Festivals in Madhya Pradesh

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