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dandia in Gujarat

Dandia trend adds wings to the tradition, experience it to believe

Dandiya Raas is the most famous dance of Gujarat and this dance is popular to the point that it is performed in the state, as well as all through India. In fact, it is an exceptional component of the Navratri celebration. The celebration is praised to pay respect to the nine incarnations of Mata Ambe, the Mother Goddess.

Individuals keep fasts on every one of the nine days of the celebration and pay consistent visits to the temples. While the days are loaded up with a commitment towards divinity, the evenings are energetic, mirroring the festive soul at its pinnacle.

Special arrangements are made for Dandia dance exhibitions. Undeniably, the state government organizes extraordinary occasions for gratification in the general population.

Dandia is generally done in a group, by two people. The exceptional element of the dance is the bright clothing worn by the dancers and the brilliant sticks taken by them.

The sticks are utilized as props and are flawlessly adorned. It is thus the dance is equally called the 'Stick Dance'. These sticks are generally made of bamboo, painted in various hues to make them look appealing.

The entertainers hold sticks in both their hands and strike them together on the beats of the melodic instruments.

Dandiya Ras includes an enormous number of individuals at a time. As indicated by the dance setting, two circles are created by the artists.

One of the circles turns clockwise, while the alternate rotates anti-clockwise. The dance is an extremely lively and quick-paced action, which leaves no scope for tiredness. The artists are joined by an instrumentalist, playing a 'meddale' drum.

The individual stands at the center point of the two circles and leads the artists with his beats. The site of several individuals influencing the beats of people's music is striking.

The sticks or the Dandiyas, when struck together in a beat, create foot-tapping melodic waves. The best Raas artists of the district are the Kathiawari Ras artists from Saurashtra.

Origin & History

Initially performed for the appreciation for Goddess Durga, the dance form speaks to a fight between the devil Mahishasura and the Goddess. Another legend expresses that the dance form began from Krishna and Radha's 'Raas Leela', subsequently the name 'Dandiya Raas'.

Similarly, it was prior performed just by men, who sometimes make use of swords rather than sticks while dancing.

Forms of Dandiya

Dandiya is a kind of dance that has its origins in Gujarat and there are some other forms too that include 'Dang Lila' from Rajasthan, where a single stick is utilized.

Variations of dandiya raas

Mer Raas

In the Mer Raas, the dances start on a moderate note yet the rhythm accelerates amid the execution.

Gher Raas

Individuals from the shepherd network play out the 'Gher Raas' utilizing long sticks.

Gheria Raas

Another agrarian network plays out the 'Gheria Raas' holding a stick in one hand and peacock feathers in the other.

Gof Gunthan

Amazingly, one more variety of the Dandiya Raas is the Gof Gunthan in which artists take sticks in just a single hand and a length of a colored string in the other. The last is woven into an exceptional way as they move around it in a circle form.

Worldwide Appeal

The dance form is very dominant as a dance form, with Indians living abroad playing out the same with passion at the starting of Navratri consistently.


The orchestra contains dhol, harmonium, dokad (tabla), zanj, and pavo (a collection of flute) that goes with a male vocalist. The lead artist is joined by the artists in a chorus, making an environment of ideal synchronization among artists and dancers.

Raas geet portraying the early youth of Krishna is sung during Kanabi raas. The dhal-talwar raas has Shivaji nu halaradu (bedtime song of Shivaji) to light courageous feelings.


The outfit comprises of weaved kediya, choyani, a bright bhet on waist and a coordinating paghadi. Dancers wear ghaghara to improve their beat. In the dhal-talwar raas, they wear dark turbans and cover a large portion of the face with dark material.

Fake mustache, a sword, and shield in hand remind the group of onlookers to remember the outfitted warriors of Bhuchar Mori.

Different forms of Garba

Mirchi Rock N’ Dhol, Ahmedabad

The Mirchi Rock N' Dhol is the most unmistakable Garba and dandiya occasion in Ahmedabad. Not exclusively is this occasion one of a kind in its own particular manner, but because of its energy it additionally figures out how to pull in 50,000 individuals who run here to be a part of the joyfulness.

Furthermore, you probably won't trust us, but this occasion has a magnificent lineup of numerous artists that originate from all over India to play out every day in this multi-day long dance celebration.

The Mirchi Rock N' Roll Dhol will be held at Aman Aakash Party Plot close to Trust Nagar Society, Shreyas Crossing Road, and this year it begins from October 2 till October 10. You can book either a season pass or you could also get day-by-day tickets that expense between Rs 300 to 350.

Don’t miss one for anything since it is well-known in the city. Dress in your best and put on your moving shoes for this occasion. The involvement with Mirchi Rock N' Dhol will go to the last in your mind for a long while.

Maa Shakti Garba, Vadodara

Recorded in the Limca Book of World records, the Maa Shakti Garba celebration is another greatest occasion that occurs in Vadodara. What's more, Vadodara being the cultural capital of Gujarat, there are no questions about how fantastic Navratri is commended there. In 2004, 40,000 dancers took part to be a part of this World record.

What's more, today it is the greatest Garba occasion in the world. Presently the preferred time to visit is Navratri. This year the occasion happens at Gujarat housing board ground in Samta Road and for tickets, you can sign onto their site.

Friends Garba, Ahmedabad

Not at all like other Garba and dandiya occasions that occur in the state, the Friends Garba in Ahmedabad is facilitated just for two days. It has a wonderful dance group and you will completely adore it if you like dancing, particularly dandiya. In spite of the fact that it is facilitated just for two days, it sees a massive crowd.

Individuals in huge numbers come to this place and in a matter of minutes, the entire zone is swarming with individuals. However, that in no way is a hindrance to your dancing fun.

Friends Garba is awaited by individuals consistently and why not. They are the ideal mix of tradition, culture, fun, music, dance, and furthermore fabulous stylistic theme.

Arranged in the Akash Aman Party plot, this year the celebrations and festivity will occur on the last two days of Navratri. Get your tickets at the soonest before they are altogether sold out.

Aside from this, since Ahmedabad and Vadodara are two of the most recognized and greatest urban areas of the state, the other surely understood Garba and dandiya occasions are facilitated by the Gujarat Tourism at the GMDC ground. They have Garba, as well as have handcraft work and other fun activities to keep the children engaged.

They additionally have a state-level Garba competition that sees numerous talented artists from all over taking an interest. So you currently know where to go in Gujarat to have a great time experiencing both traditional and present-day ways for Navratri festivities.


Raas is a famous folk form of Gujarat performed to praise the birth of Lord Krishna, a great gathering and triumph over an enemy. Rather than varieties in methods of execution among sub-regional gatherings, one watches a hidden likeness in all forms. 

The varieties in raas are honestly adapted by occupations, the population of performers, the nature of human relationships, and the levels of social and economic association among various groups. 

--- Published By  Deepti Gupta

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