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Mysore Dussehra Festive Celebration

The true charm of Mysore Dussehra will make you fall in love with the festive celebration

Covered up in Karnataka, lies the old world city of Mysore. It has a specific peaceful air even in the hustle bustle life of the city. When you enter to the city, you'll see the lavish greenery, an old world attraction with the eminent touch that Mysore is known for.

However, what it is better known for is the festival of the celebration of the state of Karnataka. Dussehra or Dasara is known in the southern part of India is synonymous with Mysore.

It is the most lavish celebration which sees the whole city illuminating and waking up. Additionally, called Navaratri, this is a multi-day celebration that finishes with the festival of Vijaydashami.

Mysore Dasara is Dussehra with a change! The city's grand legacy guarantees that the celebration is extravagantly celebrated on a big scale. In Mysore, Dussehra respects the Goddess Chamundeswari (another name for Goddess Durga) of Chamundi Hill, who killed the intense evil spirit Mahishasur.

nada habba dasara - Mysore Dasara

When is Mysore Dasara?

In different parts of India where Dussehra is commended for one day, Mysore Dasara happens over the entire Navaratri celebration.

In 2018, Mysore Dasara gets in progress on October 10 and finishes up on October 19.

The celebration is celebrated in an extremely awesome way with a lot of exhibitions outlining the rich culture and tradition of the state arranged in the great Durbar Hall of the Maharaja's Palace.

History and Rituals behind the Celebration of Mysore Dussehra Festival

This radiant celebration is praised in Karnataka for over 400 years. The first festival was begun by the Vijayanagar Kings in the fifteenth century.

As indicated by the legends, in the ancient times, the city of Mysore was taken over by the Mahishasura, a wild bull headed evil spirit lord. In his kingdom, he rebuffed the general population who revered the Gods.

The Gods, at that point looked for the assistance of the Goddess Parvati, who manifested in earth as Chamundeshwari Devi. She battled an extremely severe fight with the evil presence and at last, slew him over the Chamundi Hill arranged close to the city.

Subsequent to killing Mahishasura, the Goddess chose to remain on the hill. Hence, the hill and city are known as Chamundi Hill and Mysore individually. The multi daylong celebration is held in the respect of the Goddess Chamundeshwari.

Mysore Dasara Festival

The celebration is divided into:

• Rural Dasara

• Yuva Dasara

• Children’s Dasara

• Farmer’s Dasara

• Women’s Dasara

• Yoga Dasara

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Mysore Dasara: Concerts, Dances, and Other Activities

On all the 10 days of Dasara, different music and move shows are held in assembly rooms around Mysore city. Artists and dance groups from all over India are welcome to perform on this event.

Another fascination at the time of Dasara is the Kusti Spardhe which draws in wrestlers from all around India. Moreover, there are different activities, for example,

• The Dasara Darshan

• Flower Show

• Dasara Kite Festival

• Dasara Sports

• Yuva Sambhrama

• Dasara Kavi Goshti

• Mysore Dasara Procession – Jamboo Savari

• Torch Light Parade

Major Mysore Dasara Events 2018

• Inauguration with Pooja: 10th October 2018

• Mysore Dasara Procession (Jamboo Savari): 19th October 2018. 2.30 PM to 4 PM (Starting from Mysore palace to Bannimantap)

• Mysore Dasara Torchlight Parade – 19th October 2018. 8:00PM. Venue: Bannimantap Ground

• Mysore Palace illumination: 07.00 PM to 09.00 PM from 10th October 2018 to 18th October 2018. 07.00 PM to 10.00 PM on 19th October 2018

• Cultural program: starts from 10th October 2018 and will be held at various venues

• Yuva Dasara sports: 12th October 2018 to 17th October 2018. Activities at various venues

• Dasara Heritage Treasure Hunt: 17 October 2018

Main venues of Mysore Dasara 2018

• Kalamandira

• Devaraj Arash Stadium

• Bannimantap Grounds

• Scouts and Guides Ground

• Kaveri Office

• Doddekere Maidan

• Chamundi Vihar Maidan

Mysore Dussehra Celebrations – An Awe-Inspiring Sight to Behold

This astonishing celebration of Karnataka fills the general population with incredible excitement and gratification. The Mysore Palace is lit up with lights that reflect the consideration of the general population.

The festival of the celebration for the most part begins with an illustrious couple of the palace offering a unique puja in the Chamundi Temple, roosted on the highest point of Chamundi Hill. Once the puja gets completed, a royal get-together is organized inside the royal residence.

During the celebration, a lot of dance acts and music acts are presented in different parts of the city. The occasions outlining the energetic culture of Karnataka pull in an extensive number of individuals both Indian and non-natives. 

A Dussehra is equally held where the general population can buy different sorts of gems things, arts, garments, amazing decorations, and eat lip-smacking dishes. The kids can have a ton of fun-filled time by getting a charge out of entertainment rides.

However, the important features of the celebration are perfectly decorated elephants, camels, and horses strolling together in a parade.

At the time of this celebration, the symbol of the Goddess Chamundeshwari is introduced on a golden mantapa (a temple made up of wood, steel, gold, or silver). The mantapa is set on the highest point of an elephant.

Dynamic music groups and individuals take part in the parade that ends in a charming destination known as Bannimantap. Here, the royal couples worship the 'Bann' tree. It is trusted that the Pandavas utilized the tree to covering their weapons during the one-year time of Agyatvas.

The last day of the Dussehra festivity is known as 'Vijayadashami' with a light procession held at the Bannimantap.

Decorated Elephant in front of mysore palace at Mysore Darara Festival


You need to reach Mysore a day before if you wish to see the celebrations. The last four days are the best time to visit. Book your inn ahead of time because the inns fill up rapidly during this time. Additionally, a significant number of the occasions are usually free, however, you can purchase tickets to see the parade and light parade.

--- Published By  Deepti Gupta

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