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Mother Cauvery Statue

Another Statue in Progress! Now Karnataka Plans A 125 Ft Mother Cauvery Statue To Boost Tourism

India's statue enthusiasm is taking control and now the South has joined the club. As per reports, the Karnataka government will build a statue devoted to Mother Cauvery which will stand tall at 125-feet.

It will be situated close Krishna Raja Sagar store in Mandya locale, 90 km. from Bengaluru.

That is not all. The reports additionally remark that a historical center complex will be worked around the statue with two 360-feet tall glass towers which will give a perspective of the KSR supply. A bandstand, an indoor stadium and a copy of related landmarks will also be constructed. The thought behind this is to boost the travel industry.

As per more reports, few groups are scolding the government for not effectively control unlawful sand mining around river Cauvery that is making harm the earth.

This statue is being made to respect stream Cauvery which is the lifesaver for three states in the south – Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The statue will indicate Mother Cauvery holding a pot out of which water will stream constantly.

As per the report, 400 acres of land is required for the project to be operative, all of which would cost around Rs 1200 crores. The government has also proposed to build an exhibition hall complex, two glass towers estimating 360 feet giving a bird’s eye view of the KRS repository, a bandstand, an indoor stadium and an imitation of historical landmarks to support the travel industry in the region, detailed Times Now.

Further reports also refer that alongside this statue, a small statue of Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar is additionally being agreed.

This news has come after the Statue of Unity was initiated in Gujarat a month ago and is presently the tallest statue on the planet.

--- Published By  Deepti Gupta

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