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sindoor khela in Bengali

Sindoor Khela; a much-awaited celebration, you can’t avoid while travelling in India

Sindoor Khela or the festival of spreading vermillion is one of the much-awaited celebrations of Bengali married women. Consider it a Holi of vermillion that Bengalis use sindoor in their very own style for quite a long time. Despite the way that just the female families are just permitted to be a part of this beautiful function, while the guys are the only viewers.

They are actually happy to get the look at their women spreading the red vermillion on one another's forehead and face on the most recent day of Durga Puja-the best of all celebrations of the Bengalis.

If you are ever in West Bengal during these four days of the Durga Puja, you will become familiar with the fantastic arranged plan that is well organized and executed.

Sasti, Saptami, Ashtami, Navami, and Dashami are the four days when the Goddess alongside her four kids are worshipped. She is prayed, supplicated and occupied on the fourth day.

However, before the worship, married women participate in sindoor khela after the worship of the Goddess Durga, Devi Laxmi, and Devi Saraswati alongside Lord Karthikeyan and Sri Ganesha.

Women celebrating Sindoor Khela in West Bengal

The principles are same for the Barowari pujos (pujas arranged by the clubs or different associations) or the Barir Pujos (Private Pujas organized in secretly). Mostly the vermillion is offered at her feet and later a pinch is applied on her brow as a sign of regard by married women. This ceremony is called Boron.

Besides the ceremony, the married women begin playing the vermillion by applying it on the brows and on the sankha (conch bangles) and pola (coral bangles) of their plebeians in the celebration.

Alongside the forehead, they additionally apply the vermillion on the red and white bangles of the ladies. The bangles are made of the conch and coral and Bengali ladies wear those as the symbols of the married hood.

No unmarried young lady or widows are permitted to go to the program. For quite a while, they spread the red vermillion on one another's face and hands and they appreciate every last bit of the time they spend in one another's face. In the end, they wind up by sharing the sweets offered to the gods and goddesses as Prasad.

Bengali Sindoor Khela

However, not long after the sheer pleasure, the saddest scene of the most excellent celebration of the Bengalis approaches. It is the submersion of the divinity alongside her four youngsters known as Visarjan. They are set on trucks and followed by a grouped parade towards the Ganges or in lakes or lakes. 

Here, the divinities are soaked with the expectation that one year from now Maa Durga alongside her youngsters will again come to earth to beware of her Bhakts and favor them.

Sindoor Khela symbolizes the strength of womanhood and basically the strength of the ladies or Shakti to shield her better half from all ailments and will regard the society through various challenges.

Women dressed in red and white hued sarees come to play the vermillion alongside excellent gems to speak to Devi Durga's Shakti and to look for the goddess' gifts for the long life of their spouses, kids, and other relatives.

--- Published By  Deepti Gupta

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