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The Iron Man of India

Size Comparison of the World's Tallest Statues, with a Focus on the Statue of Unity

“Manpower without unity is not a strength unless it is harmonized and united properly, then it becomes a spiritual power”. True that. These words are so powerful and so rightly said by none other than ‘The Iron Man of India’. History carved on stones can never be removed, people carved on hearts can never be forgotten. Such a soul was OUR SARDAR. There are certain people that bring about that definite change in everyone’s life that he becomes immortal and so was the architect of Independence India who not only fought for the independence of the country but also taught the true meaning of freedom. His sole motive was to bring unity to the nation and keep it forever alive.

It is hard to forget such a great contribution in shaping the nation the way it is today. No matter how much we pay him respect and tribute, the acknowledgment will always be less against his sacrifices and doings. To pave a step forward to tribute a great personality like Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has taken an initiative. An initiative of making ‘A Statue as grand as Stature’ named as “Statue of Unity”. Leaving all tributes, all statues, and all initiatives behind, he has laid his hand in the making of The World’s Tallest Statue ever made in memory of Sardar Patel. There have been several statues made in memory of many great personalities, but this one is extra special not because of its grandness but because of the thought behind its making.

The Statue of Unity is a dedication to the Nation given by Shri Narendra Modi and apparently, it is the tallest statue in the world with a whopping height of 182 meters. The great news is that it is being launched on 31st October 2018 near the Sardar Sarovar Dam, Kevadiya village, Narmada, Gujarat. He had given an unforgettable contribution to the independence of our nation and in uniting all diverse 562 princely states to build our very own Republic of India. Hence, this tribute to the Statue of Unity is every bit deserved by the man who united India, our India.

Highlights of Statue of Unity

  • Height: 597 feet or 182 meters
  • Estimated Cost: 2989 crore 
  • Designed by: Ram V Sutar (A Padma Bhushan winning sculptor)
  • Location: 3.3 km from the Sardar Sarovar Dam in the Kevadia village, Gujarat
  • Dedicated to: Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel 

Here are quotes from the words of Shri Narendra Modi about the significance of the five years of hard work put into the Statue of Unity and what it symbolizes to the nation.

“The Statue will stand high, not just in meters and feet, but much more in terms of academic, historical, national, and spiritual values. My vision is to develop the place as a source of inspiration for ages to come.”

--- Published By  Deepti Gupta

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