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Lhabab Duchen Festival

Lhabab Duchen: Know more about Buddhist philosophy and mediation

Features and Important Rituals of the Festival

On the holy day of Lhabab Duchen, supporters of Buddhism head to religious communities to light margarine lights, burn incense and offer unique prayers to Lord Buddha; priests and lamas spend the entire day reading the blessed sacred texts and purifying the air with their buzzing of mantras.

An imperative feature of this sacred celebration is set apart by putting newly painted ladders on the stones by the monasteries to symbolize blessed origin of Buddha from Trayastrimsa (The Heaven of Thirty-Three).

The span of the Festival

The festivals for Lhabab Duchen take place on the 22nd day of the ninth month of Tibetan Lunar Calendar i.e. somewhere around November according to English Calendar. Admirers and pioneers gather in different monasteries across the state on this day to pay their devotion, looking for blessings of the lord. 

According to Buddhist unbelievable principles, the impact of all positive or adverse activities committed on this holy day gets increased 10 million times, along these lines, individuals endeavour to engage themselves in prayers and different sensible activities for the whole day.

History of the Festival

As per Buddhist legendary records, it is said that at 41 years old, Lord Buddha understood that his mother, Queen Mahamaya, who had as of now passed on was as yet stuck in the common desires at a place called Trayastrimsa or "The Heaven of Thirty-Three".

To enable her to achieve salvation and to lecture his spiritual belief systems to the devas remaining in the paradise, he descends from earth and after spending around three months in the paradise, returns back with the assistance of a gold, beryl and silver ornamented stairway uniquely made for him by the Hindu God of Machines, Vishwakarma.

This promising occasion is viewed as one of the eight extraordinary deeds of Buddha and is praised as Lhabab Duchen Festival consistently every year across all Buddhist country and regions.

--- Published By  Deepti Gupta

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