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With a perfect blend of history and architecture, this major destination of Madhya Pradesh is a must. It is extremely rich in art, culture and heritage. Gwalior fort is one of the best forts in India and hence a longed-for tourist attraction. It is an important part of Madhya Pradesh tourism and you need to visit here no matter what.

Gwalior is one of the most important cities in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The city is located at a specific location which is very close to the capital city of India. It lies in the Gird region of India which makes it a prime city in itself. The city had been ruled by several different rulers at different times. Gwalior was earlier known as the winter capital of Madhya Bharat which later became Madhya Pradesh. It was also a princely state until the independence of India. The city is quite glorious and has many forts and monuments to give its tourists a view of history. There is so much to know about Gwalior and its rebel fights that a tourist visiting here would not be able to come back as early as he thought.

Places to visit in Gwalior

Gwalior Fort

The Gwalior Fort is quite an amazing place to visit and explore. The historical significance which this place carries is quite amazing to explore. And there are a lot of people who visit this tourist attraction in Gwalior on a regular basis.

Jai Vilas Palace

The Jai Vilas Palace is quite an amazing tourist spot for the tourists to visit and explore. This palace was made in the year of 1874 by Jayajirao Scindia who was also the Maharaja of Gwalior.

Man Mandir Palace

The Man Mandir Palace was built in the year 1486 and 1516. It was built by Man Singh Tomar. However, more or less this palace has stood the tests of time till now. And one can see a lot of tourists visiting this amazing place on an yearly basis. 

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Things to do in Gwalior

Visit the Tomb of Tansen

Tansen was considered as one of the gems in the court of Akbar. He was a flawless singer and an amazing vocalist in Akbar’s court. This place is a must visit for the music lovers and history buffs.

Visit Saas Bahu Temple

As the name suggests, this temple is not what it seems like to be. On the contrary, what Saas Bahu denotes is Shastra Bahu which is another name for Lord Vishnu.

Visit Gwalior Zoo

This place is actually quite interesting to visit with your family. Especially the children would are always excited to see animals like Tiger, Lion etc. Furthermore, this zoo is a part of the Phool Bagh and was established by Madho Rao Scindia.  

Events and festivals in & around Gwalior 

Khajuraho Dance Festival

This festival is celebrated for a week and is known for its brilliant performances. It is celebrated in the Chattarpur district of Madhya Pradesh. Read More..

Lokrang Festival

In this festival, you get to see some really iconic folk music performances. And during this festival, you also get to see some really good handcrafts and other things to buy. There are also plays which mesmerize the audience with their brilliant performances. 

Akhil Bhartiya Kalidas Samaroh

This is a seven-day festival and sees some of the top names from the writing and publishing industry. And during this time people get to experience some of the most beautiful poetry recitations, story reading along with brilliant cultural performances. 

Best time to visit Gwalior

The best time to visit Gwalior will be the autumn season as it is quite a great time for exploring around and sightseeing. 

How to reach Gwalior? 

Coming to the point that how can someone reach Gwalior, then the city is very easily accessible by any medium of transport be it railways, air or roads. There are two main railway stations in the city namely Gwalior junction and Gwalior Light Railway which can easily connect you with all major cities of India. Gwalior is just 319 km from Delhi and has also roads connecting with local destinations in Madhya Pradesh and other major cities nearby. Gwalior Airport is the commercial airport within the city which is open for all to travel around the country. Local public transport is always handy to catch to roam in and around the city.

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