Situated on the shores of Narmada, Jabalpur is a profound distillation of time over the centuries. After all, it has seen so much in terms of history, culture, and wars that it won’t be wrong to describe it that way.

Although it is an industrial city, with each passing day it is gaining more and more popularity as a tourist destination as well. And why not? as Jabalpur has the presence of several ghats, waterfalls and so many interesting places worth exploring. 

This bustling city brims with wonderful landscapes and architectural wonders that can leave you with a profound travel experience of a lifetime.

Best Time to Visit Jabalpur

If you have the urge to explore something out of the ordinary, then a visit to Jabalpur can do you justice. The best time to travel here is between the months of September and March.

History of Jabalpur

In terms of history as well, Jabalpur is quite rich. It is believed that Jabalpur was named after a saint known as Jabali Rishi. The word Jabali in Arabic means mountains and somewhere close to the 10th century, Jabalpur was considered as the headquarters of the Nerbudda territories. At one point of time, it also became the capital of Saugor which is known as Sagar district today. 

This city was the capital of Tripura Kingdom in the 10th century which was ruled by the Hayahya people. Many relics from the reign of King Ashoka were also discovered here during several excavations.

In the history of Jabalpur, you will also find several strong women like Rani Durgavati. This shows that, apart from representing the serenity of our Hindu Itihaas and culture, the soil of this region has given many warriors and inspirational figures to our country.

Major Attractions in and Around Jabalpur

1. Dhuandhar Falls

Located in the Jabalpur district, it is quite a magical experience to witness the gushing torrent of water flow down from 30 m height. Due to its amazing natural beauty, it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Jabalpur. It is said that the gushing flow of water is so strong that one can hear the noise of water from a considerable distance.

2. Madan Mahal Fort

It was built by Raja Madan Shah in 1116 AD and is truly an architectural masterpiece of those times. From the fort, you get to see some of the most phenomenal views of nature’s beauty. For anyone who loves to explore unique places, a visit to Madan Mahal Fort becomes a must.

3. Bhedaghat Marble Rocks

This place is situated about 25 km away from the main city of Jabalpur. These marble rock formations rise up to 100 feet in height. The interplay between sunlight falling on these rocks and Narmada’s reflection is something that will really excite you and make you curious.

How to Reach Jabalpur

Jabalpur can be an interesting place to visit owing to a variety of reasons like its culture, forts, waterfalls. To travel here you will need to cover an approximate distance of 851, 1,102, 1,131, 1,376 km from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru respectively. Check out the following details on how you can reach Jabalpur.

By Air

You will need to deboard at the Jabalpur Airport (JLR) aka Dumna Airport situated approximately 25 km east of the city. This is the third busiest airport in all of Madhya Pradesh when it comes to passenger movement. Jabalpur Airport is responsible for serving the entire eastern Madhya Pradesh region. Many prominent flights operate to and fro Jabalpur. From the airport, you will need to cover the remaining distance by some means of public transportation.

Here is a list of Indian cities from where flights are available to Jabalpur 

By Train

If you plan on travelling by train, then you can deboard at either of the stations - Jabalpur Junction (JBP), Madan Mahal, Deori, Adhartal or Jamtara Paraswara. All of these railheads lie within 30 km from Jabalpur. However, Jabalpur Junction is considered to be one of the primary railway stations locally. Once you deboard at the station, you will need to cover the remaining distance by some local means of transportation like a taxi. 

  • From Bengaluru - Board SANGHAMITRA EXP from KSR Bengaluru stations and deboard at Jabalpur station
  • From Surat - Board ADI MFP SPL from Surat Junction and deboard at Jabalpur Junction

By Road

You can also consider travelling to Jabalpur by motorable roadways and national highways. For instance, National Highway 7 connects Jabalpur to several places like Raipur, Varanasi and Bhopal. From the nearby regions, you can also board frequently run interstate/private buses. Otherwise, you can book taxis or take your own vehicle to Jabalpur.   

  • Bhopal - 330 km via NH146
  • Indore - 519 km via Indore-Bhopal Road
  • Nagpur - 280 km via NH44 or NH34

Frequently Asked Questions about Jabalpur

Q: What are some popular places to visit in Jabalpur?
A: Some popular places to visit in Jabalpur include:

  • Dhuandhar Falls
  • Madan Mahal Fort
  • Rani Durgavati Museum
  • Marble Rock
  • Pisanhari Ki Madiya

Q: What are some must-see places in Jabalpur?
A: Some must-see places in Jabalpur include:

  • Bhedaghat
  • Chausath Yogini Temple
  • Sangram Sagar Dam
  • Rani Durgavati Wildlife Sanctuary

Q: What are some good places for shopping in Jabalpur?
A: Some good places for shopping in Jabalpur include:

  • Jabalpur Bazaar
  • Wright Town
  • Napier Town
  • Jabalpur Mall

You can plan your trip and create your own route to the city with Adotrip’s technically driven circuit planner. Click here


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