If you want to better your mood, explore the unheard places and relish the Indian heritage; then a visit to the city of Mandu in Madhya Pradesh would be something to look forward to. The architectural brilliance which this city possesses is something incomprehensible and compels you to contemplate our glorious Indian history. 

Right from the Jahaz Mahal to Baz Bahadur’s Palace, this city has so much in store for you. Perhaps due to this, Mandu holds a special place in our Itihaas (history). 

Thus, if you have the desire to know the anecdotes of kings and queens, of monuments built and destroyed, then Mandu is the place to be at. 

Best Time to Visit Mandu

Here you get to witness monuments that seem to be built straight out of some dreamy tales. The best time to visit Mandu would be in the months between October and March.

History of Mandu

Time and again, Mandu has been mentioned as the royal residence of the Paramara kings. Founded in the 10th century by Raja Bhoj, it was conquered by the Muslim rulers by the start of 14th century.

On several occasions, the Paramaras had to face attacks from the Yadava king Krishna of Deogiri and the Vaghela King Visaladeva of Gujarat. However, by 1526, Bahadur Shah of Gujarat was the one who conquered Mandu.

This chain of battles and shifting of kings and sultans continued until it was finally taken by the Marathas in 1732.

Major Attractions in and Around Mandu

1. Jahaz Mahal

It is a wonderful tourist attraction to visit in Mandu, Madhya Pradesh. As per history, it was built during the reign of Mandu Sultan Ghiyas-ud-din-Khilji. As a historic character, the sultan was someone who was believed to have 15,000 women as his consorts. Speaking about the mahal, it doesn’t fail to capture the raw essence of Mandu’s past. If you love history then there is no reason why you shouldn’t be visiting here.

2. Baz Bahadur’s Palace

According to the stories, it is said that this place was constructed for Baz Bahadur in 1509 - much before when he came into power. The nice architectural fusion of Islamic and Rajasthani trends used to built the palace will steal your heart away.

3. Hindola Mahal

Now, this is yet again a very inspiring tourist attraction in Mandu. The charm and grandeur of this wonderful palace can be felt right away as you enter it. It served as the royal court to Sultan Ghiyas-al-Din. The architectural style of the mahal is its USP which attracts a great number of tourists on an annual basis.

How to Reach Mandu

You should visit Mandu to observe the architectural brilliance of the erstwhile Indians living here. It is located at an approximate distance of about 2,554, 1,393, 2,037, 393 km from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru respectively. Check out the travel deets on how you can reach Mandu.

By Air

Named after Maharani Ahilya Bai Holkar of Indore, the Indore Airport aka Devi Ahilya Bai Holkar Airport (IDR) is the nearest airport, situated at a distance of 90-100 km. This is an international airport which serves Indore along with other nearby regions. This airport is considered to be one of the busiest airports in all of Central India. From the airport, you can easily take a taxi or some other means of public transportation to reach your respective destination. 

  • From Praygraj - Board Air India, AirAsia, Go Air flights from Prayagraj Airport. The airfares start from INR 5,000 - INR 6,000
  • From Bhopal - Board AirAsia, Air India flights from Bhopal Airport. The airfares start from INR 6,000 - INR 7,000
  • From Pune - Board IndiGo, Air India, Go Air from Pune Airport. The airfares start from INR 6,000 -INR 7,000

Here is a list of Indian cities from where flights are available to Mandu

By Train

The nearest railway station is the Indore Railway Station (INDB) located at a distance of 90-100 km. It comes under the management of the Western Railway zone of the Indian Railways. The station has a total of six platforms and is also ISO certified. From the station, you will need to take a taxi or some other means of public transportation. 

By Road

Mandu has overall good connectivity via motorable road networks and national highways. You can easily book interstate/private buses at fair prices from government portals. However, if you don’t want to travel on the congested buses, you can also consider booking a taxi or taking your own vehicle to Mandu. 

  • From Bhopal - 276 km via NH52
  • From Godhara - 235 km via NH47
  • From Betul - 335 km via MP SH 26

Frequently Asked Questions about Mandu

Q. What are the main attractions in Mandu?
A. The main attractions in Mandu include Jahaz Mahal, Hindola Mahal, Jahaz Pool, Ashrafi Mahal, Hoshang Shah's Tomb, and the Delhi Gate. 

You can plan your trip and create your own route to the city with Adotrip’s technically driven circuit planner. Click here


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