Kasauli, a quaint hill station perched at 1927 metres, attracts tourists for its splendid natural beauty and attractions. The place takes you back in time with glimpses of the colonial era when it used to be one of the favourite and most visited places for the ruling Britishers. Soaring mountains bathed in early-morning mist, arboreal abundance, beautifully-landscaped orchards and gardens, and more make Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh the perfect place to spend some time in the lap of nature. The place is located in the foothills of Shivalik hills. Heady fragrance of huge oak and pine trees intermingled with fresh air gives a much-deserved break from the steaming and scorching plains of Northern India. Besides enjoying its distinctive colonial charm, visitors also love visiting Kasauli Brewery, one of the oldest functioning distilleries for Scotch whisky in Asia.

Best Time to Visit Kasauli

The average temperature of Kasauli hovers around an average of 15 degrees Celsius, making it an all-weather destination. Monsoons are the best time to visit this destination, when nature bestows choicest blessings on this place that comes alive with awe-inspiring scenic grandeur. It is the perfect time to explore its beautiful alpine plots, rippling torrents, and lofty snowstorms that can be witnessed from December to February. Snowfall during these months is sure to leave you mesmerised with its sheer beauty as it turns Kasauli into a snow paradise. This destination experiences a massive influx of tourists when the Northern plains are reeling with high temperatures in the summer months. It is the perfect place to escape from the sweltering and oppressive heat. 

History of Kasauli

Kasauli enjoys a rich historical and political past that has shaped the town as we see it today. In the 17th Century, this place had a very unprecedented and twisted political scene. Some Rajput families from Rewari, the Haryana of today, fled their native place and gathered in the lower Himalayan region. Here, they settled down in a hamlet, Kasul, known for its all-weather fresh-water springs. Kasul has expanded and developed today to become Kasauli, and a water reservoir was constructed above the spring. As per another story popularly told and retold in Kasauli, the place gets its name from Kausalya, a fresh-water stream gushing between Jabli and Kasauli. As per another story, the place gets its name from Kusmali or Kusmawali, which means flower maiden. It is because this beautiful valley flowers all through the year. The place is also known for its close ties to the British regime in India. Britishers developed Kasauli as a convalescent home for its nationals. 

Culture of Kasauli

Kasauli is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places to visit in Himachal Pradesh. Blessed with salubrious weather, undeniable natural beauty, and peace and tranquillity, it is also known for its rich cultural heritage. The people of Kasauli are very warm, welcoming, friendly, and always smiling. This place showcases a melting pot of religious culture as it is home to Hindus, including Kolis, Brahmins, Rajputs, Christians, Tibetans, and tribals. Pahari and Hindi are the major languages spoken here. When visiting Kasauli, make it a point to enjoy typical gastronomic delights like Bandtikki, Bandsamosa, piping hot jalebis, and fresh vegetables. A lot of fairs and festivals and events are organised in this quaint town. Some of the prominent ones are Sari Fair, Solan Fair, Manimahesh Fair, Renuka Fair and more. Losar, a popular Buddhist festival is celebrated with great zeal and zest for 10 days. The popular Mystic Pines Festival in the month of September attracts a lot of visitors who love exploring the place when it comes alive with dance, music, and a lot of fun-filled activities.

Top Places to Visit in Kasauli

Are you looking forward to visiting a beautiful place where you can witness splendid nature's views like glorious sunrises and sunsets, rich, verdant landscapes all around, lovely trails that leads to magnificent views, a popular temple where your head automatically bows down in reverence to the deity, and more? If yes, Kasauli is a truly fascinating place that will let you experience this and more. Here, we bring you some of the best places to visit in Kasauli, which will give you an incredible and soulful experience. 

1. Gilbert Trail

One of the most visited Kasauli tourist places, Gilbert Trail, is a beautiful place. Gently enveloped by the verdant cover on both sides, it is approximately one kilometer long stone walkway that leads tourists straight to the land of nature's most beautiful and best-hidden secrets. The walkway begins from Lover's Lane and passes through vibrantly-coloured flora and lush greenery. Nature lovers will love this site, which will stay in their memories for a long time. It is also the perfect place to spot some of the rarest bird species indigenous to this region. 

2. Sunset Point

A perfect place for photography aficionados, Sunset Point, is another place in Kasauli that attracts visitors in great numbers. Nature admirers need to cross hilly and undulating terrain to reach this point. Nature's melodious sounds break the absolute calm once in a while. People love sitting on the swing installed here and enjoy the breathtaking views of the magnificent sun setting down at the horizon amidst Shivalik Hills. 

3. Manki Point

It is another one of the many nature-inspired attractions in Kasauli. It is the highest point in the area that commands magnificent views of nature at its best. Moreover, it is also a Monkey spotting point. When visiting these attractions, also visit Air Force Station located in the town where you can explore the arms and ammunition used by the Air Force. There is a magnificent Hanuman Temple close to this point where Lord Hanuman was believed to have rested for some time when carrying Sanjeevani Booti for Lord Lakshamana. 

4. Christ Church 

It is another must-visit of the many places in Kasauli. This historical landmark is located close to Mall Road and is one of the oldest churches in Himachal Pradesh. Its incredible-looking Gothic architecture attracts tourists from all over the region. The cemetery around the church leaves people awestruck with its sheer magnificence.

5. The Mall Road

If you are a die-hard food fan, make a beeline to the famous Mall Road, where you will find a lot of cafes, restaurants, and eateries serving local delicacies and a choice of drinks. The area is also full of handicraft shops where you can buy typical hand-made art and craft items, colourful fabrics, souvenirs, and a lot more to carry home. Shopping is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Kasauli. 

6. Gurkha Fort

It is one of the most spectacular sights in Kasauli, visible from a far distance in the uphills in the Parwanoo region. The major attraction of this fort is its 180-years old cannons used in the erstwhile Gurkha Wars. The walls of the fort are adorned with beautiful, ancient frescoes. The fort is lovingly surrounded by eucalyptus and pine trees, and scrubs. 

7. Hawa Ghar

Also known as Sunrise Point, this attraction is the perfect place to kickstart your day. Located close to the Lower Mall area, this tourist attraction in Kasauli commands spellbinding views of the sun rising gloriously above the mountains. Photography enthusiasts love capturing these magnificent views.

8. Kasauli Brewery

It is the best place to visit in Kasauli if you are an oenophile or a sommelier. Kasauli Brewery is one of the best breweries and distilleries in North India that distills scotch whiskey in Asia. This brewery was set up in the 1820s by Edward Dyer. Enjoy a glass of drink while admiring splendid views of this beautiful destination and experience the sense of peace and tranquility washing over you.

9. Central Research Institute

CRI or the Central Research Institute is run and managed by the Health and Family Welfare Ministry. The Britishers set up this Institute during their colonial rule. Today, it is a splendid campus where various research and development activities are conducted. Tourists love visiting this place known for its colonial roots and architectural style. 

10. Timber Trail Resort

It is a beautiful resort spread over the hills. Visitors need to take a cable car to reach this resort situated in Parwanoo. A perfect place for family getaways, the cable car trip provides magnificent views of the scenery spread all around. The car moves above the dense pine forests. The resort also overlooks the gentle and languidly meandering Kausalya River. Enjoy spectacular sunset views from the resort and come back refreshed and rejuvenated.

How to Reach Kasauli

Kasauli is located in the calm and serene environs of Solan District in Himachal Pradesh. It is one of the most magnificent and scenic hill stations in Himachal Pradesh, known for its verdant rolling meadows, deep valleys, awe-inspiring views of the majestic Himalayas, arboreal abundance, and colonial structures showcasing an eclectic blend of Gothic and Indian architectural styles. Kasauli is easily accessible through rail, road, and air transport. Here is how you can reach this quaint hilltown.

  • Nearest Major City. Chandigarh
  • Nearest Airport. Chandigarh Airport
  • Nearest Rail Base. Kalka Railway Station
  • Distance from Chandigarh. 58 Km

By Air

Kasauli itself doesn’t have an airport. The nearest airport is in Chandigarh. It provides regular airline services from some of the prominent cities of India. After reaching Chandigarh, visitors can board state-run or private luxury buses or hire taxis or cabs to reach Kasauli.

  • Distance from Chandigarh Airport. 70 Km

Here is a list of Indian cities from where flights are available to Chandigarh

By Rail

Kasauli doesn’t have its own railway station. The nearest railway station to reach this beautiful town is located in Kalka. It is one of the most important railheads in the northern part of the country providing best connections to some of the major cities. After disembarking from the train, hire a cab or a taxi to reach Kasauli. 

  • Distance from Kalka Railway Station. 40 Km

By Road

Kasauli is well-connected through different cities in Himachal Pradesh and nearby states. The roads are good and various road transport options are available to reach Kasauli. Here are the distances with some well-known cities from this quaint hilltown. 

  • Distance from Chandigarh. 25 Km
  • Distance from Patiala. 83 Km
  • Distance from Yamunanagar. 94 Km
  • Distance from Ludhiana. 106 Km
  • Distance from Saharanpur. 118 Km
  • Distance from Dehradun. 121 km
  • Distance from Karnal. 135 Km
  • Distance from Jalandhar. 141 Km
  • Distance from Delhi. 288.1 Km
  • Distance from Mumbai. 1693.5 Km
  • Distance from Kolkata. 1851.4 Km
  • Distance from Bangalore. 2468.2 Km

Frequently Asked Questions About Kasauli

Ques 1. What are the major attractions of Kasauli?
Ans 1.
The major attractions of Kasauli are Gilbert Trail, Christ Church, Sunset Point, Sunrise Point, The Mall Area, and some of the best pilgrim spots, nature trails, trekking tours, and more. 

Ques 2. Does it snow in Kasauli?
Ans 2.
Kasauli experiences snowstorms from November to February, with temperatures falling within a range of 5 degree Celsius to 14 degree Celsius. In the peak winter season, the place experiences occasional bouts of snowfall when the weather suddenly turns chilly. It is fun walking on the cobbled streets of Kasauli when the town is turned into a snow paradise.

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