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Losar festival of Himachal Pradesh also known as Tibetan New Year is celebrated with the same endeavour and charm like any New Year. Though the festival is majorly misunderstood as devil dance, this festival has a great significance for the people of the state. 

People celebrate this festival with a lot of preparations along with a pinch of religious customs. People light up lamps and then offer prayers early in the morning in front of their local deities. There are many other customs offering prayers to the deity and more. It is a chance to liberate yourself in the different cultures of the world and see what more experiences life has got for you.

History of Losar Festival

Losar Festival can be traced from the pre-Buddhist Era in the Tibet region. It was observed every year during the months of winter. The festival is celebrated with the worshipping the local deities and the spirits

Also Read: Celebrated after harvest season, this festival is observed on first day of Lunisolar Tibetan Calendar

Major Attractions of Losar Festival

Dance drama. The local people participate in Dancing dramas on stage often known as devil dance.

Competitions. The fun-filled battles to entertain the audience and enjoy the vibe of the festival.

Musical performance. The high-energy musical performances to celebrate the beginning of Tibetan New Year.

Metho Procession. ‘Metho’ is a procession of fire which is carried out in the evening and people march in the markets chanting holy slogans.

How to Reach

By Air. The nearest airport is Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport which is just 3 kilometres away from Leh. It is one of the busiest airports in India.  The airport is well-connected to major cities of India.

By Rail. The nearest railway station is Jammu Tawi Railway Station which is approximately 700 kilometres away from Leh. You can find cabs or taxi are aligned near the station which can take you towards the Leh. 

By Road. Though, it has got great road connectivity for the nearby regions, if you are travelling from any other major cities like Mumbai or Kolkata, it will be convenient to rely on airways or railways rather than planning a road trip. 

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  • 3 Days

  • Cultural

  • Himachal Pradesh
  • Festival Date

    24 February 2020 - 26 February 2020

  • Venue

    Lahaul And Spiti

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